fort magic pin final

Fort Magic Review and GIVEAWAY!

I have four boys.  Boys enjoy building tents, forts, and tunnels.  Usually around my dining room.  Fort Magic is like an answer to my prayers!  No more clothes pins and sheets that slip and make my … [Read More...]

answered prayers

My Mother’s Answered Prayer

The other night while my husband and I were getting the boys ready for bed, my 5 year old asked me that heart wrenching question that most parents only think of on their darkest days... "Mommy, what … [Read More...]

win a vitamix

Win a Vitamix!

Spring is right around the corner and it's already beginning to be gorgeous outside. A new season can be a time to start fresh, re-evaluate your dreams and goals, and get on the right track... again. … [Read More...]

school supply shopping list for homeschoolers

The Ultimate Science, Arts, and Crafts Supplies Shopping List for Homeschoolers {Free Printable}

It never fails.  We sit down to do a simple science experiment, make something off Pinterest, or do arts & crafts.  Guess what?  We're short at least 1 item.  This happens to me nearly every day.  … [Read More...]

cookie pizza

Creamy Brown Sugar Strawberry Cookie Pizza

This Creamy Brown Sugar Strawberry Cookie Pizza is a recipe that came to me by chance.  My Aunt Mary always makes a fruit dip of cream cheese and brown sugar that is DIVINE.  Then, last week, I was at … [Read More...]

homeschooling organization

Homeschooling Without a School Room

After I posted this video tour of my school room, I received messages from discouraged moms that they had no room for a classroom and they just didn't think they could homeschool without one.  No … [Read More...]

almond butter cookies

Chewy Almond Butter Cookies

I have a new obsession.  It's Almond Butter.  I love the taste of almonds, but my teeth can't take chewing them.  So, I turned my new obsession into cookies.  This Chewy Almond Butter Cookie recipe … [Read More...]

Video tour of homeschool classroom

Video Tour of Our Homeschool Classroom

I created a post back in August with lots of pictures of our homeschool room.  I've now shot a quick video tour of our homeschool classroom.  I'm happy to report that I haven't rearranged it ONCE this … [Read More...]

Valentine Day Printables

FREE 10 Days of Christ’s Love {Printable Cards with Scripture} for Valentine’s Day

Confession.  Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.  More than Christmas.  More than Easter.  It's always been that way, ever since I was a child.  I think it's because there's not an obligation.  If … [Read More...]

I Think I’ll Call Him Spanx

Last weekend I went out of town for 24 hours to spend some time with my BFF.  My husband stayed behind with the kids and they had some bonding time.  I missed them desperately and although I loved my … [Read More...]

homeschooling FAQ

Homeschooling FAQ-{My child wants me there all the time…}

My child wants me to sit with them while he/she does his work.  Is this normal?  Should I sit with him?  I have so much to do! My son does this daily.  We've fought about it.  I've yelled.  … [Read More...]

Dear Amy Glass

Dear Young Lady who *might* listen to Amy Glass…

Dear young lady, mom to be, stay at home mom, and working mom, Did you see this article circling Facebook?  The author, Amy Glass, is no doubt looking for some quick money via a lot of traffic to a … [Read More...]

reading assessments for homeschoolers

Free Online Reading Assessments for Homeschoolers

I realize some of you love to test your kiddos.  Others are totally against it.  I fall into both categories.  So, for those of us on both sides of the fence, here are some Free Online Reading Level … [Read More...]