13 Fool-Proof Homeschool Pre-K Curriculums

Here are my favorite Homeschool Pre-K Curriculums that require little to no work for mom.  These are only my opinions. I am not being paid for my opinions either. It is what it is. Just thought y’all should know 🙂  ***UPDATE…I left out Timberdoodle originally, which is one of the main ones I wanted to share with you all because I’m considering switching to it.  I blame baby brain.

pre-k homeschool curriculum

My Father’s World

My Father’s World is a ‘box kit’.  It comes with your lesson plans, books, and even some supplies.  It is a Christian based curriculum as it suggests.  I have never used it, but have seen it at homeschool conventions and many of my in real life homeschool friends use it.  They all really like it.

ABC Jesus Loves Me {FREE!!!}

I use this site for extra stuff I need.  However, it would be perfect for the pre-k years  If you need a FREE curriculum because you’re not sure if you’re homeschooling yet, or if you’re paying down debt…or heck, just can’t afford a curriculum right now, this is great.  Combined with the library, you will have all you need!

Rod and Staff

Rod and Staff are workbooks that are very popular among homeschoolers.  Many say they are boring.  Others say they love ’em.  I’ve only flipped through them at a homeschool convention and thought they would work fine.  VERY AFFORDABLE.  I had already purchased another curriculum, so I did not buy them.


This company caught my eye a while back and I’m actually thinking of using them this year instead of Sonlight.  The reviews are awesome.  They are very hands on, however they do not integrate Bible throughout their curriculum, but do offer it as an add-on to their packages.  They have some really unique cool stuff and it’s worth your time to take a look.  I am!

Confessions of a Homeschooler

This is a very popular homescooling blogger’s site.  She has now made her own pre-k (and MANY other) homeschool curriculum that are AWESOME.  I’ve used her Pre-K before and it’s really good.  We’re talking worksheet heavy, but if you like that, it’s for you.  I took what I needed.  Also VERY reasonable on the price!


This is what I use.  It is the priciest homeschool curriculum on the market.  Surprise surprise this is the one I chose.  I tend to be a conesuer of all things way too expensive!  It really is awesome, though.  You get all subject areas, an instructor’s guide, and all the books (many of them hardback and beautiful).  You also have phone support any time you need it.


I do not know much about this one, but it’s gotten rave reviews by many homeschool moms in the blog world.  Check it out, it may be for you!  It’s also a package deal!

Heart of Dakota

Another package deal, similar to My Father’s World.

Five in a Row

This is another company that gets a TON of buzz from the blog world.  I’ve never used it.  But, I didn’t want to leave it out!

Math-U-See (They don’t have a pre-k curriculum, but my 4 year old is using Primer, and is doing great!)

I cannot say enough good things about Math U See.  I’ve read about countless families making the switch to this company and never looking back.  It’s awesome.

ABC Mouse

We’re all seen the commercials.  We used it for about a year.  My boys enjoyed it.  I feel it’s a good value for the price.  No contracts, cancel anytime.  Really can’t go wrong!

All About Reading/Spelling

EXCELLENT company and curriculum. I’ve never heard anything bad.  I’m considering adding this to our curriculum for next year.  They often do giveaways on their blog as well, so watch closely for that opportunity!

Get Ready for the Code/Get Set for the Code/Explode the Code

We are using these phonics/language arts workbooks this year for both my pre-schooler and Kindergarten son.  WOWOWOWO.  LOVE them.  They are quick, easy, straight forward, and get the job done.  I highly recommend them for boys, as the lessons go quick!



  1. I hadn’t seen ABC Jesus Loves Me yet – thanks for that one! I salivate over the Sonlight curriculum….lol…..so I get you there – I’m trying to figure out if I could get away with ordering the consumables and teacher manual and getting the books from the library. Is that cheating? For Confessions of a Homeschooler – I was looking through her curriculum – am I right that it’s all printables that you combine into a binder or does she actually sell and ship too? Just checking and learning 🙂 and based on your previous posts really to start curriculum most kids probably aren’t ready until around 4 or 5? Does that sound right? Thanks for all the info.! Hope everyone is feeling better! I’m still watching for that homeschool book giveaway too 🙂 Sorry it’s giving you pains…..

  2. I’d also like to add Wee Folk Art homeschool. I’ve been using it for my 4 year old this year, and it’s been beyond fabulous! It includes great books, science, art, etc. Super fun 🙂 Oh, and it’s free!

  3. May I add one to your list? We did not use the pre-K part of this curriculum, because we were not homeschooling until middle of 1st grade year, but I can seriously vouch for their later grades, and would expect the same excellent experience with the very early curriculum. It is called Time4Learning (www.time4learning.com) and is an online curriculum. Little children seem to love the colorful, interactive lessons. Even as late as 2nd grade I had trouble getting my daughter to stop doing school because she loved working on the computer so much. Anyway, we love the curriculum and still use T4L now as our core, my daughter is in 7th grade now. Thanks for letting me chime in and happy homeschooling!

  4. hollie preston says:

    A BEKA is a really nice full curriculum Christian program from 3yr preschool – 12th grade. They also have an on line part that we haven’t used.

  5. THANK YOU! I didn’t even know where to begin to look! Now to get to it!

  6. what about calvert?

  7. My daughter has special needs and has trouble being around a lot of people and I am looking to homeschool her. Where do I start?

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