A Heartfelt Announcement….

I have not blogged in sooo long.


Just FYI…I wasn’t actually vomitting in this picture :)

This is our fourth child. Why I anticipated keeping up with a 5.5 year old, 3.5 year old, and 18 month whilst vomitting my guts out, I’m not quite sure. I think we wives and mothers put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get it all done…come hell or high water. That’s the way I was raised. My granny and my momma and my aunts had terrible morning sickness….however I recall they did not drop the ball in the fashion I have this time. I guess the ‘work your tail off’ Polish woman gene wore off by the time it got to me. It also could be that my husband is a Saint. A blessing. A Super-hero disguised in khakis and a polo that allowed me to ‘survive’ for the past 3.5 months, while constantly taking out trash bags of vomit. I can’t vomit in the toilet. If you don’t get that..you’ve not been pregnant and had morning sickness.

Each time I tell myself I’ll NEVER do this again. This WILL be our last. My husband agrees. Then…..they hand us the baby. And THREE times now I looks up at my husband and say…”Wasn’t it all worth it?” He replies…”Of COURSE!”…and then about 12-18 months later, you find me hurled over a trash can and googling ‘tubal ligation’.

Le sigh. The way God makes us forget…..

I’m nearly 15 weeks along now and feeling much better. Not 100%, but getting there. We’re not finding out the sex of the baby until birth, just FYI.

Over the next week, I’m planning on getting back into the blogging habit 🙂 Yay! I’ll have lots to post because I’ve literally done nothing for my children’s school since March, so we’re Summer Schoolin’ over in these here parts!

Love ya much!


  1. I love your announcement! I’m really sorry you’ve been feeling so yucky though! Maybe the worst is over now. 🙂

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks Wendy! I seriously doubt this version will hit Tiny Prints or Shutterfly! LOL! But, it’s just how I feel those first 15ish weeks! Honestly is the BEST policy 😉

  2. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog today. Can’t remember where, but it was through another homeschool blog 🙂

    I had horrible morning sickness with both our girls and I couldn’t get sick in the toilet either – yuck!! Our 4th just arrived 4/28 and then we moved 6/1. We have been on summer break too, lol.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks Sarah!!!! It’s so hard for some people to understand to haven’t been through it! The ‘eat a cracker’ or ‘drink a Sprite’ comments are hard to not vomit at! LOL! It’s totally worth it when they give you that baby! I’m sure #5 will be only a couple years away…Lord willing! So glad you found me! Please stick around!!! Congrats on #4!! You done? Or more babies on the horizon?

  3. Bless your heart….I have 3 I had the worst morning sickness with the first. So much so that I cried for joy and fear of morning sickness when I found out I was pregnant with #2. I guess my body just doesn’t agree with boys because #2 and #3 were girls and I was barely sick at all. My son wore me out though…so much so that I got to the point that I didn’t eat anything before I considered it both ways…..I learned some hard lessons first but I will spare you the details. Peaches are your friend though, if you can stomach them. Anyway, just wanted to say I just ran across your blog this morning and I think it’s great. I am also a Hesitant Housewife and have learned that I can do anything in fatastic fasion for 2 weeks. Then it just goes *POOF* and the will/drive/determination/sticktoittiveness, whatever you want to call it is gone and I’m stuck in the same old pattern all over again. I’m starting week 3 of really trying to LIVE the Proverbs 31 wife thing and I can feel it starting to wane (or it could just be the lack of sleep last night)…but I prayed this morning for God to help me keep going and to get it all done. I was about to go back to bed (soooooooo sleepy) but I decided to look at the computer first (why?) almost immediately came across your page. It was such a God thing. I am also trying to get back into the swing of homeschool after a break (we actually enjoyed the early break more because we beat the MS heat) and I’m getting ready to “claim” my house with paint, etc. so your guest blog by Claire was also a HUGE inspiration…it’s got me excited about looking for ideas. Sorry for the long post but just wanted to say thanks for your page.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Awesome Kim!!! So glad you feel inspired and less alone!!! I can completely understand trying to live a certain life you see on an inpirational blog and then it all falls apart…that is ME to a T!!!! LOL! We just gotta keep on truckin’. Ya know? That’s what I’m learning. Now that I’m not throwing up anymore, life has really been more enjoyable…but I was in a dark place for a long time from morning sickness. Being a mom is SO HARD!!!!! Stick around! I’m so glad you found my blog!

  4. Ally Kite Hawkins says:

    A friend just sent me this post and I SO NEEDED IT!!! you HAVE NO IDEA how much this just blessed me; I’m bawling my eyes out reading it. I’m 8 weeks pregnant with my fourth and the word miserable doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel right now ( and all I can think about it how behind I am on my blog lol!) It’s insanely difficult to go from being a super triathlete, homeschooling mother of 3 to literally feeling like my life is falling apart around me. My current goals are 1. feed the children 2. keep them alive until my husband gets home
    Bless you ! Bless your super hero husband! Bless your beautiful growing baby! Thank you for encouraging me to hang in there.

    • Oh Ally!!!! Bless your heart!!!! I’m so so so sorry! Those days are so hard. My little one that was causing that picture is already 9 months old! Can’t believe it. We plan to have 1 more and I’m DREADING the sickness. I even have maids lined up to get us through the first 4 months! I understand! Just SURVIVE and you’ll catch up when you start feeling better. Love you sweet friend!

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