About Me

Schmidty boys

Hi! I’m Liz. This is the one section of my blog I knew I would have trouble with…’About Me’. I feel like there’s so little to say…I feel like there’s so much to say.

In a nutshell, I’m married to my high school sweetheart. We have four beautiful boys (Check them out here), and we ain’t done yet (Here’s how I announced our latest pregnancy).
I always wanted that ‘average’, ‘perfect’, and ‘planned’ life. I had a big fancy wedding. We bought a home. We had impressive educations and good jobs to buy lots of stuff. The stuff made us feel really good and looked really good to everyone else. I thought that’s what mattered.

A little over a year after our first son was born, we found ourselves in a dark place. My mother died of breast cancer (Read about Momma here) the year before, we had buried ourselves in mountains of debt (read about our debt free story here), and our child NEVER slept. The big house, shiny car, and fancy exterior we were working towards just didn’t make sense any more. So we pulled the plug…we became WEIRD.
We sold our home, sold our cars, got second jobs, went back to school, paid off everything, and started over. I quit my job teaching to stay at home. My husband grew up and became the Man of the House. We loved it so much, we decided we’d take the weirdness a step further and homeschool (Why do we homeschool? Check it out here).

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I’m not sure if I like all this to be honest. I’m very hesitant. Sometimes I miss the high heels, conference calls, and lunch breaks (Here are more of my feelings on this topic). Many a day I want to drop the kids off at the nearest public school and run home to watch Matt Lauer and scrub my floors without someone asking for a snack. But….that would be EASY….and the easy way ain’t always the best way.
My goal here is simple and complicated. I want to share my journey with other wives, mothers, and homeschoolers. I may inspire you (is this inspirational?), make you laugh (see here), or scare you away (SCARY!). Welcome to my blog!