All I Needed Was a Band-Aide

The other day I cut myself while chopping something in the kitchen.  It was a small cut, but enough blood and stinging so that I needed to make my way from the kitchen to the boy’s restroom to grab a band aide.

One hour later, I had my band aid….

How, you ask?  I retraced my steps and took pics so that you can see how my brain works.  Perhaps some of you can relate.  I am now, CERTAIN, I have Motherhood ADHD of some sort.  This, is really and truly how most of my days go……

I needed a ban aide…

While walking through the living room, I realized what a MESS it was. I tidied up that room, quickly. NOW I’m on my way to get my band-aide…


While I was tiding up the living room, I heard and smelled something like burning….OHHHH…My iced tea! I forgot I had tea boiling. So, I went to take that off the stove….


While taking my tea off the stove, I realized what a MESS my stove-top was. MUST. CLEAN. NOW. THENNNNNN, I’ll get my band-aide

Scrubbing stove…..ALMOST ready to mend my wound…no really…AFTER THIS, I’ll get the band-aide after this!


After I finished cleaning the stove-top, I went to put my gloves in the laundry sink and saw I never cleaned up our painting trays from our art project the day before. Better do that….THEN….I’ll get my band-aide…

Then, after cleaning the art trays, I walked through the kitchen to get my band-aide and opened the ‘fridge. Totally out of habit. Nothing I really ‘needed’ outta there. But…OOHHHH! What’s this?! Cake from my late night grocery run last night! Yum. Must eat cake…..


While eating my cake, I sat down at my laptop and remembered I needed to order my nursing dress for Sawyer’s Baptism….Typing in my debit card # made me remember I still NEED A BAND-AIDE!


After the cake snack and ordering my dress, I walked back to the bathroom and remembered I needed to wash the toddler’s sheets……grabbed those….started the wash…still no band-aide…

Then, I went to check on the baby who was sleeping on my bed. He had rolled from his side to tummy…flipped him….he awoke…had to nurse him….moving on….


After nursing Sawyer, I remembered I didn’t brush my teeth yet…..


Found my son’s calendar for school strewn about while walking through the living room….put that back…


Finally reached the band-aides!!!


Unfortunately after that fiasco above, my cut is nearly healed already and my nail has been taken through the ringer!!!! Yeesh! The life of a mother!

So, if your husband ever wonders what you do all day (or if mine does…) Just have him read this post!  LOL!



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