All About Spelling Giveaway!

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All About Spelling Review

All About Spelling and All About Reading are programs that I’ve always heard about through the grapevine.  I had never tried them because I was a ‘Sonlight girl’ and didn’t feel the need to add anything new to the mix as to keep my life simple. I also felt like as long as my kids […]

Thirty-One Back to School Organizing Giveaway (3 Winners!)

This is my friend Nicole.  We’ve never met in real life.  We met on a day that was a total ‘God moment’ for me.  Ever have those? I had been blogging for just a few months and I was discouraged.  I thought I’d write my first post and I’d automatically turn into The Pioneer Woman!  […]

4th of July Printables for your Homeschool

Here are a few printables, activities, and recipes I found to be easy, quick, and nearly free off Pinterest.  I’m going to *try* to be an organized mom and do one tomorrow!  It’s not a huge list, but just stuff on ‘my’ list I wanted to share with you all.  Happy Fourth of July! Pre-K […]

Math U See Beta Review and Level of Your Choice Giveaway!

I believe in Math U See.  I’ve seen it work with my own children and many of my friends use it.  When I first began with Primer, I wasn’t sure.  It was very different than the products I had taught with in public school.  However, the lessons were so solid and my son was absorbing […]

I don’t like to be with my kids all the time.

99.9% of the time when people see I’m expecting my 5th child and then soon learn we homeschool, the reactions are similar. “You’re supermom!” “I could never do it!” “Three was enough for me!” “You must be so patient!” It’s always a little awkward because I think in that moment, while talking with other moms, […]

Spelling You See Review and Giveaway

I’ve been using Spelling You See for several months now.  My kids are enjoying it and I love that they can do so much of the program independently.  Spelling You See is a simple straightforward program.  There is no prep work and the lessons are pretty painless for my sons and me.  I’ll be telling […]

Our Homeschool Summer School

I do not homeschool year round.  I have defined start and finish dates to each school year.  However, I’ve tried a full blown summer break before and it was very difficult to get back into the routine of things in the fall. So, here are the ins and outs of our summer homeschool: Start and […]

Life Lately and Big Updates!

How I have missed my blog.  All of you.  Chatting about homeschooling.  Honestly, though, I’ve been in survival mode.   I’m pregnant…with a GIRL!  Wowza.  Shocker after 4 little boys.  We are thankful and so far baby looks healthy.  I’m still pretty sick and very tired.  We have been keeping up with a bit of […]

Fort Magic Review and GIVEAWAY!

I have four boys.  Boys enjoy building tents, forts, and tunnels.  Usually around my dining room.  Fort Magic is like an answer to my prayers!  No more clothes pins and sheets that slip and make my kids whine while I try to tack up a quilt to the wall.  On rainy days, or the way-too-hot […]