Blessed To See My Mess

You’ve scheduled  a playdate.  Awesome.  Time for mommies to chat.  Children to play and tire each other out for naptime.  You’re hanging up the phone and feeling really good about your Stay At Home Mommy self and scheduling this little rendezvous. Then, you open your eyes and realize the invitation you just extended quadrupled your […]

Our Debt Free Story (Part 3)

Our Debt Free Story (Part 3) The most difficult cutback?  Saying ‘no’. “No, we can’t make it to the birthday party.” “No, we didn’t exchange Valentine’s Day gifts.” “No, we just can’t host that shower with you.” No.  No.  No.  It was so difficult.  Still is sometimes.  We are able to say yes most of […]

Our Debt Free Story (Part 2)

Our Debt Free Story (Part 2) The morning after that fateful ‘we’re broke’ premonition, we returned to work and just kept on truckin’.  What else could be do?  It was definitely a depressing feeling.  I felt trapped.  Stressed in a way I had never been before.  As a teacher, there wasn’t a ‘big raise’ coming […]

Our Debt Free Story (Part 1)

Our Debt Free Story (Part 1) “We’re doing Dave Ramsey”…”We did Dave Ramsey”….”I’ve heard about him..”…”I believe in using credit cards”.  Those are some of the responses you may get when you mention Dave Ramsey.  I believe he’s become pretty popular now and most people know he’s a financial guru. We learned of Dave Ramsey […]

Housewifery and Friendship

I would say next to God, and my husband, what gets me through the day  are my friendships.  My girlfriends who stay at home, and even those who work (it’s nice to hear the perspective of someone dressed up with their hair done did and speaking about something other than the taint of poop.) My […]

Reasons We Homeschool

I’ve met many homeschooling families in the past year or so that knew from the get go they were going to homeschool.  Some were homeschooled themselves, some were not.  Others had a bad experience with public or private schools and pulled their kiddos out.  We’ve got a mixed bag of reasons–and some days I feel […]