Dear Young Lady who *might* listen to Amy Glass…

Dear young lady, mom to be, stay at home mom, and working mom, Did you see this article circling Facebook?  The author, Amy Glass, is no doubt looking for some quick money via a lot of traffic to a blog.  If that isn’t her purpose, then she needs therapy.  Her article is entitled “I look […]

Free Online Reading Assessments for Homeschoolers

I realize some of you love to test your kiddos.  Others are totally against it.  I fall into both categories.  So, for those of us on both sides of the fence, here are some Free Online Reading Level Assessments for Homeschoolers.  There are a few links that include tests you must buy.  I wanted to […]

How to Introduce the Alphabet to Preschoolers {Free Printable!}

Homeschooling.  You’re doing it even if you’re not ‘doing it’.  Mom and Dad usually introduce the alphabet before any teacher.  Here’s how to introduce the alphabet to preschoolers in a simple, affordable, quick way! My amazing friends Heather and Margie were reading specialists back when I was a new (LOST!) teacher.  They taught me everything […]

The Moment I Knew I Wanted Another Child

Family planning.  That phrase seems to sum up parenthood in a pretty little package. “We want 2 kids.” “We want 4.” “1 of each.” Unfortunately, most parents know all too well you cannot plan parenthood.  It’s actually laughable to plan a family.  Miscarraige. Infertility. Twins when you wanted only 1. The birth control failed. The […]

‘Give Me 10 More Minutes’ Breakfast Cabinet

I am not a morning person.  I’m also not a breakfast person.  I enjoy making breakfast….but at 9am.  So, the fact that my children are 6:30am-wakers and whisper into my ear at 6:35 am, “I’m hungry…” is a problem for me.  I’ve realized that my days get off to a rough start on the mornings […]

Free Printable Elf on the Shelf Goodbye Letter {Jesus Focused}

I was feeling a bit poetic tonight. I wrote up a free printable Elf on the Shelf Goodbye Letter that is Christ centered. If you need some last minute ideas for the next week to use with your Elf, check out my other Elf on the Shelf post that uses encouraging lessons and Bible verses […]

My Messy House

Well, the title of this post kinda gave it away.  These are photos of my messy house I took Saturday morning following a {successful} week of homeschooling.  I *always* intend on working my rear off on Friday nights to get it all clean before Saturday so we can all relax…but alas, that never happens.  Here […]

Fun Coupons for Homeschoolers

My friend Darcy over at Just a Night Owl gave me this idea.  We blog together over at Hip Homeschool Moms.  Anyhoo, while trying to come up with stocking stuffer ideas, she mentioned fun coupons for homeschoolers that could be used as stocking stuffers.  GENIUS!  How fun.  So, I decided to make some.  Although they […]

Raccoons and Hormones Don’t Mix

    A few weeks ago I posted this status update on Facebook: “Right now I have a bag of stool samples, a live raccoon I need to release 15 miles away, 4 boys, and a library book I’m about to be arrested over in my car. Here’s a pic to prove it. The poop […]

If Jesus Came to Your House Poem {With Free Printable}

This poem, If Jesus Came to Your House, was something my mom found in one of her magazines she’d get in the mail from her favorite Bible radio station before she died.  The Bible Broadcasting Network ( was what she listened to every moment in the car.  I also came to love it, and now, […]