Back to School Snacks!

This week we started up the ‘ole homeschool again.  It’s really our first ‘official’ year, as my oldest would be in Kindergarten.  I made a couple cute snacks this week and just wanted to share.  I’ve got a few other things I’m still planning on over the next couple weeks as we celebrate the start to our year and I’ll share that too!

Here’s a simple Jell-O snack.  The boys loved making and eating it!  It’s just watermelon and pineapple Jell-o layerd, topped with food-colored Cool Whip and a chocolate ship.  I ate 2 pencils.  Don’t tell my gestational diabetes test that in two weeks!


Here’s one the boys assembled themselves.  Just a pink marshmallow, a pretzel stick, and a chocolate chip.  The chocolate chips just kinda stick on their own to the pretzel, so it’s not a big job at all!

Happy Snacking!


  1. I love it! Such cute ideas 🙂 Visiting from the Hip Homeschool Hop.

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