Best. Boy. Mom. Everrrr.

All this happened quite a while back–but then the pregnancy induced puking started and these pics just sat on my computer.

My husband was mowing the grass one weekend and I was walking around barefoot (as usual) and so were the boys.  I was picking up toys and large sticks when I saw my husband shout and jump.  It’s rare to seem him jump or run really fast.  So, when you see that, you should also shout, run, jump, whilst gathering the youngins’ in the opposite direction.

He had spotted a baby copperhead aka very poisonous snake in our yard.  The babies are worse than the adults b/c they usually emit more venom.  Not cool when you have little ones (and yourself) running around bare foot and fancy free.  My husband swifltly chopped off its’ head with a shovel–that’s what we do here in these parts.  *If you feel this is cruel or are a member of PETA, you most likely haven’t worried about venomous snake bites on your sweet babies.

I felt a bit guilty that we had ended that young reptile’s life.  So, I did what any good homeschooling boy mom would do–I dissected, skinned, and taxiderm-ied that creature.  The boys LOVED it.  My husband thought is was gross and wouldn’t watch.  I felt it only appropriate to make it a learning experience.  Why go to a museum and pay a ton of money to see this stuff when I can get the milk for free, eh?

So, without further ado, here is my Best. Boy. Mom. Everrrr exercise.

The newly dead baby snake. Blended into the pine cones and leaves so well….SCARY! Note to self: make a camouflage vocab. card!

Paper-plated snake. We watched you tube videos on where they live, what they eat, their habitat, etc. before we started the fun!

The head close up. Heeby. Jeeby. But, the show must go on. I was too worried about the fangs and venom and what not, so I discarded this quickly so no one touched it.

I sliced it down the bottom and removed intestines. We found and identified its’ lungs and gall bladder, thanks to Google.

We also found a partly digested ground skink in there! We had learned they enjoy eating small reptiles and rodents. Skinks run rampant in our yard–glad he had a good ‘last meal’. Rest in peace ‘lil snake…and skink.

Then I separated the skin from its’ muscle using needle nose pliers and gloves, of course! Homeschooler, mother, wife, taxidermist. Just add it to my resume!

Then we gently stretched the skin onto a board to let it dry and admire it. Really beautiful patterning!


Voila! I thought my pastel pins were only appropriate….and ironic. Boy moms of the world…hear us roar!

Was it gross?  A bit.  Did it smell?  Yes.  Was this what most people would do?…probably not.  However, I encourage you–boy mom or girl mom, home or public-schooler to embrace learning moments in which you have to do some deep breaths and grimacing yourself…all in the name of education!

My kiddos will NEVER forget that day.  Nor will I.  They are well versed in venomous pit vipers of Southeast Texas and until the day they graduate with that Ph.D, they’ll remember.  It was worth it!

Now, get out there and skin somethin’!

P.S.  Good news!  I will NOT be featuring any copperhead meat themed recipes on the blog!  Yay for that!


  1. Oh lordy girl!! You are an awesome and crazy mom 🙂 your boys are lucky!!

  2. You rock! My boys would love to do that! What a cool experience.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks Mommy Cameron! I felt it ‘once in a lifetime’…who knows if we’ll run across another snake when they’re at an age in which they think it’s still cool!

  3. Go YOU!!! I’m impressed!

  4. Oh my goodness, I wish I had found this sight yesterday….we had an almost identical experience and the snake looks to be about the same size. Rather than skinning it, my guys decided to see how our friends chickens would handle it. (We are homeschoolers and so are they.) I just don’t know if I could have touched it….even though it had been shot twice with a .22 (that’s actually what my husband and the kids were doing…target practice) it still kept slowly moving. My husband said it was just nerves but it still gave me the heeby-jeebies! You really are an awesome homeschool mom!

    • Elizabeth says:

      You’re too sweet Kim! We don’t have any chickens…but that would be interesting…or gross! LOL. I’m just trying to adapt my high heel loving self to what boys need. And with a Dad who travels and works hard to provide…I just have to fill in those ‘Gross’ gaps! HA! My boys love target practice too! Although they basically watch, as they’re too small for the big guns just yet!

  5. I had no idea what this post was going to be about. I must say, you are a brave soul. I just had my first boy in January. I need to start getting messy now so I am prepared when the time comes.

  6. So gross!!!! Glad my 13-year old son agreed 😉

    • Elizabeth says:

      It WAS gross SEnnie! Glad your 13 year old thought so! That means my boys won’t think I’m ‘uncool’ in a few years!!!

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