The Best Field Trips in Houston for Homeschoolers

We’ve been living a bit north of Houston, Texas for nearly 3 years and the amount of activities for homeschoolers is unbelieveable!  Many people travel from far and wide to see some of the attractions that are right on my doorstep.  If you live here or if you’re visiting, these are my favorite homeschool field trip ideas in Houston, Texas.


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Moody Garden Homeschool Activities (Galveston)

This is a bit of a drive for us, so we’ve not yet been, however I went many times as a child.  Moody Gardens is AWESOME!  They have some great educational activities for homeschoolers–so get on over there!

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Minute Maid Park (Houston Astros Baseball Team) Education Tours

We did this tour last school year with our homeschool co-op and it was perfect for my boys!  We got to go down on the field and tour every nook and crany of the stadium.  I highly recommend it…and bring dad!!!

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Downtown Aquarium of Houston Educational Activities

This is another one we haven’t done yet, but plan to once we have a day to commit.  The Houston Aquarium also has a huge ferris wheel on their grounds to ride as well!

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Houston Museum of Fine Arts

Talk about the perfect field trip to extend your lessons around art, history, and music.  This is a beautiful museum that will totally relax you! (Unless you take a 2 year old and 10 month old…don’t ask me how I know!)

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Children’s Museum of Houston Homeschool Programs

We visited the Museum of Natural Science and paid extra for the butterfly exhibit and it was WORTH it!  You really get up close and personal with the butterflies.  This museum is evolution based and there is alot on display to discuss this, so be aware of that creationism mamas 🙂  You can see our field trip from last year in this post.

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Space Center Houston (NASA)

I had the honor of representing the awesome ladies from Hip Homeschool Moms a few weeks ago at Homeschool Day at Space Center Houston.  I highly recommend checking out this favorite spot in Houston…homeschool day or not!

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Houston Zoo Homeschool Programs

We have a Zoo membership and it’s OH SO WORTH IT!  This is the best Zoo I’ve been to!  Their homeschool programs are top notch and worth every penny!

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