Blueberry Pickin’

I randomly found a local blueberry farm the other day online near our house.  And lucky me….I found the info. during peak pickin’ season!  Hooray.  Rarely am I such an organized and on top of it mom.

This is the first time my husband, my children, or myself have seen how blueberries grow.  The morning we went was overcast and cool for July in Texas.  I felt a little Wills and Kate-esk walking among the patches and sampling berries.  Or maybe like a Gwenyth Paltrow moment from Sense and Sensibility.   Whichever way you slice it, it was beautiful and very educational!

The growth of fruits and veggies always brings me closer to God.  The confusion evolution sometimes causes my brain washes away as I see his perfect creation, suited so uniquely for our bodies’ needs.  God is so good.  And amazing.  I love our little Earth and all its’ beauty!

Enough of the mushy gushy.  Here’s the photos.  Tomorrow I’ll share how my Martha Stewart homemade blueberry muffin recipe turns out!  I love me some Martha Stewart!

Our boys…all ready to pick!


So tranquil. The patches were flagged depending on which were ready to pick.


Hudson played in the dirt most of the time. But, he did try!


Many of the best blueberries were deep into the bush…




Three little monkeys used our buckets–I had my handy maternity shirt to capture berries with :)


We learned that just as a tomato tell us not to pick it until it’s red as do blueberries! Leave those pink ones, boys!


We got 5 pounds after about an hour. Hard work, I tell ya!


Off for home!


Check back tomorrow. I’m making muffins for my in-laws and kiddos for 4th of July breakfast. New recipes make me reach for Zoloft! Pray for me!


  1. I look forward to reading your blogs! You have such a neat gift.thanks for sharing

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