Boys being boys

We recently moved into a home with a much larger yard than we previously owned.  We relocated for my husband’s job and during our house hunt, my number one priority was a larger area outdoors for our three young boys.  The home we bought isn’t exactly what we were looking for, but the yard was spot on.

We’ve been here about one year and I still feel such joy when I see our boys being boys in the back yard.  I’m not sure if you’d call me a ‘laid back boy mom’ or a ‘nut’.  I pretty much let them rule the roost of the backyard.  I want them to use their imagination, get dirty, and just be boys!  Here are some shots of the boys enjoying themselves!



  1. mary helen gonzalez says:

    Enjoyed reading this so so much you are an inspiration to a lot of moms. Can’t wait for more God Bless You and your family.

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