Children Learn What They Live

I was given a magnet at a MOPS meeting one day.  It’s stayed on our refrigerator and when I do take the time to read it, it always hits home.  Especially lately with me trying to be a more gracious parent (see that journey here).

If a child lives with…

….CRITICISM, he learns to CONDEMN.

….HOSTILITY, he learns to FIGHT.

….RIDICULE, he learns to BE SHY.

…..SHAME, he learns to FEEL GUILTY.

….TOLERANCE, he learns to BE PATIENT.


….PRAISE, he learns to APPRECIATE.

….FAIRNESS, he learns JUSTICE.

….SECURITY, he learns to HAVE FAITH.

….APPROVAL, he learns to LIKE HIMSELF.


he learns to FIND LOVE IN THE WORLD!

As a homeschooling mother, this message hits WAY too close to home.  I can’t blame my child’s tolerance issues or the way they react to situations on their teacher or friends.  It’s ME!  Homeschooling is a great honor, and an even greater responsibility.  God help me to do better….God, help me to give GRACE to my children!



  1. Do you have a favorite prayer or mantra when you feel like you are just going to go off the deep end? I’m starting to think about framing/hanging some of them up around the house and see if that helps me……..maybe some magnets 🙂

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