Cucumber Tomato Salad

During the summer months growing up, this salad was ALWAYS in our refrigerator at home.  My Momma had a beautiful clear glass lettuce leaf looking bowl she always use for it too.  When she took out that bowl, I knew what she was making!

I wasn’t crazy about this as a child, but the older I got–I grew accustomed and CRAVED the taste of this delicious, simple salad.

When I am pregnant (which always falls over the summer months), I can down a bowl of this stuff in one sitting!  Yum!


  • Cucumbers
  • Tomatoes
  • Onion-red, white, or yellow
  • salt
  • pepper
  • sugar
  • vinegar
  • vegetable oil

That’s it!  Keeping it simple always makes it taste better, doesn’t it?  As always, because I’m a visual learner–the step by step photos!

Ingredients. Minus the sugar. Yeesh. I always forget one thing in these photos! To make a point, the sugar got a cameo in the following photo.


Le Sugar. *Note to self: Buy sugar canister and get rid of this U-G-L-Y bag….


Chop off the ends and peel the cucumbers. You can leave the skin if you’d like. I’m a shaver-offer myself. It’s tradition. “And you don’t monkey with tradition!” (Name that movie!)


I use a food processor to slice my cucumbers and onions. Tomatoes I dice by hand. If you have a food processor that will dice tomatoes without making them into salsa, please tell me! I have a love affair with my old Kitchen Aide, but it doesn’t like tomatoes :/


***NOTE:  For some reason, I did not take a pic of my diced tomatoes.  They are under the above two ingredients.  Most likely because while I’m creating these blog posts–my boys are nearby helping–aka, making me worried.  Here’s my 3-year old with a knife:

I trust my children with knives. I’m a Mom of the Year like that.


Next, pour 1/2 c. vinegar and 1/2 c. oil into a cup (I just use the measuring cup).


Liberally salt and pepper. I’d say 2 tsp. of salt and the same for pepper. You can doctor it up after you taste the sweet to sour combo.


Add two heaping tablespoons of sugar. You can totally omit this if you’d like as well. It will be a tangier salad and you may need to add more oil to balance the vinegar, but often times, my mom did make it without sugar.


Whisk like a maniac until sugar is dissolved. This is where you can dip your finger in to taste the tartness/sweetness and adjust to your liking. It’s hard to mess up, really. If you’re having company over, use a spoon, instead of your finger. That was a free tip from The Hesitant Housewife. It’s also why potlucks give me a panic attack. I’ve got special issues like that.


Pour the dressing mixture over the veggies and gently toss. I didn’t snap a pic of that either. I believe I was placing a band-aide on the 3 year old. Another tip–don’t tell your guests you have a 3 year old with a band aid on assisting you as sous chef.


Doesn’t it look good?  It is!  It can go with anything, is easy to transport, and uses cheap veggies.  It’s even better the next day after it sits in the ‘frig.  Try it and report back y’all!

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