Cute Homemade Magnetic Dry Erasers

The Classroom Makeover continues over here.  I’m still not any where real close to showing y’all the final product…but soon!  In the mean time, I’ve been making trips to Wal Mart, Hobby Lobby, and Lakeshore to tie up loose ends on supplies and what-nots.


While I was at Lakeshore, I saw the CUTEST race car magnetic dry erasers…..

So cute….

However, they were not in the budget…so I whipped up something sorta similar myself.  They work great and my boys love them.  Maybe one day I’ll get the real deal, but the ones I made are great for the kid’s personal whiteboards too.

Here’s how I did it:

I took some Swiffer Sweeper clothes, craft glue, magnets, and an old toy (a jet in this case). Make sure the toy is LIGHT. It it’s too heavy the magnets won’t hold it up. You can also omit the magnets and just make several erasers to throw into a basket for your kiddos to use.


I really didn’t do a step by step for this…but you can see that UNDER the Swiffer cloth, I glued the round magnet to the toy using the craft glue…


then, I used the same craft glue to apply the Swiffer cloth over the magnet and toy. This was a jumbo lego. I glued on a piece of cardboard that filled the empty space under the lego first, then the magnet, then the cloth.


Up close of the car when finished…


They work great!


Cute too!


  1. I think this is so excellent!
    I am looking for something a little more grown up for myself but I will surely find something about the place that fits the bill 🙂

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