Elf on the Shelf Printables that Instill Good Habits {With Bible Verses}

Need some good habits instilled in your kids this time of year?  These Elf on the Shelf printables I made will help you tired mommas who want to keep Christ in Christmas but also include that silly elf as well.

kindness elves

I made 23 days of Elf on the Shelf printable cards for you guys (PLUS A GOODBYE LETTER) to download for free.  There are enough printables to start on December 1st and go all the way to Christmas Eve using the Elf on the Shelf Good-Bye letter.

I had seen several of my girlfriends on Facebook wondering why the Elf on the Shelf‘ only came and did naughty things in the house.  It got me thinking…and I agreed!  While it’s fun to see the Elf do silly things, I think that this is a GREAT opportunity for us to teach our kiddos about responsibilities and good habits.  It does hurt that it’s around Christmas time and they all can’t wait to see what Santa will bring them.  I included a Bible Verse that goes along with several of the cards that will be a good reminder as to the REAL reason these lessons are important.  It’s not all about presents…honoring the Lord is number one in our house!  There are many printables with activities you can do as well.  Feel free to add your Elf in on these.  For example, on the ‘clean the car’ note, have your Elf holding the windex and waiting in the car!

To download the printables,  just click on each note below and download to your computer.    I’d so appreciate if you’d pin this and share it with your friends!  Merry Christmas!

Download (PDF, 218KB)


Download (PDF, 90KB)

Download (PDF, 229KB)

Download (PDF, 178KB)

Download (PDF, 250KB)

Download (PDF, 200KB)

Download (PDF, 197KB)

Download (PDF, 254KB)

Download (PDF, 244KB)

Download (PDF, 200KB)

Download (PDF, 251KB)


Download (PDF, 329KB)

Download (PDF, 253KB)

Download (PDF, 362KB)

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Download (PDF, 293KB)

Download (PDF, 315KB)

Download (PDF, 273KB)

Download (PDF, 268KB)

Download (PDF, 379KB)

Download (PDF, 305KB)

Download (PDF, 198KB)

Download (PDF, 224KB)


  1. How do we print this off for free? It looks like we have to join the paid website to download this. ??? If you can help, that would be wonderful!

  2. Bridget Clauae says:

    This is great!! I want to print!!

  3. This is very neat. I may just change my mind about this little Elf for next year. Thank you for the idea.

  4. Thanks! These are too cute! I don’t have time for naughty elves – mine have been helping me set up the Christmas decorations – a little bit every night – my son loves it and he can’t wait to see what they have done every morning!

  5. Richa Portinari says:

    I thought this was a really cute idea. I tried to download it and it put yahoo on my tool bar and a bunch of other stuff I didn’t want on my computer, but didn’t give me the file. I wished I had read the above comments before trying to download. I feel like I was mislead and tricked into adding other programs! Very frustrating!

    • I’m sorry Richa. Did you mean when you went through Teacher Pay Teachers? That’s just one option, but you can, like the above comments explained, just double click the note you want (you do have to go 1 by 1) and then print or download–not sure what your computer will make you do. They will print to a 4×6 inch size by default, as that is the size I created them. I hope you’re able to get them to work!


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