Five Little Speckled Frogs {With Printable}

Here’s one of my boys favorite songs. I made a prop/game/math/literacy activity to go along with it today. My little Brody (3.5) LOVED it. I’m attaching quick directions, the lyrics, and a video…although my son was so anxious to ‘do it by himself’, I’m not sure if you can make out what I’m trying to accomplish there 🙂

I used a large oatmeal canister, 6 large craft sticks (1 is for a pointer, the other 5 for the frogs), a piece of blue felt cut to resemble a pond, magnets, print-outs of the poem and the frogs. You’ll also need glue, brown construction paper, modge podge, and magnetic numbers.  Cut out and laminate the frogs and glue them to the sticks.  Same with the pointer critter if you decide to do that.  Also, laminate the poem itself before adhering the magnets or velcro.


I mod-podged the oatmeal canister to look like a log…


I printed out the title and mod-podged that onto the front. Allow this to dry.  Then, using scissors or a sharp knife, make 5 slits along the ‘log’ to allow for the frog to stick through.


Printout of the poem. I left spaces for the number words and included magnetic numbers for the child to follow along. You could also do velcro dots.  I also laminated it.


My preschooler with his ‘log’. He was SO excited about this project.


All the pieces fit neatly inside the oatmeal canister :)))) Love that!


Here’s a ‘fly’ pointer I made to follow along with the poem.

The set up :)



In action…

Each time you have a frog ‘jump’ into the pool, you switch out the numbers.  You can hear the song and see how we do it in the video.  Again, it’s dominated by a very excited 3 year old who loves to sing…so hopefully you can make it all out!

Printable of the Poem and Frogs/Bug:

5 Little Speckled Frogs

Frog Clip Art

Bug Pointer Icon



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