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I have four boys.  Boys enjoy building tents, forts, and tunnels.  Usually around my dining room.  Fort Magic is like an answer to my prayers!  No more clothes pins and sheets that slip and make my kids whine while I try to tack up a quilt to the wall.  On rainy days, or the way-too-hot Texas summer afternoons when my boys would want to build a tent, I would dread it.  I could never build a structure that would stay put or be large enough for all my boys to play in.  So, when Fort Magic asked me to review their product, I was really excited!

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What is Fort Magic?

Fort Magic is an innovative fort building and construction toy that enables children to build 3D, kid-created, “life-size” worlds for inventive play! Imagine the hours of excitement at playtime, play-dates, sleepovers and family-time as children build “forts” shaped like pirate ships, castles, playhouses, submarines, airplanes, teepees, tunnels, and so much moreall from just ONE Fort Magic kit!  Fantasy becomes reality with Fort Magic through the power of a child’s own creative hands!  Easy to build, easy to clean up!  Fort Magic ignites children’s imaginations for hours of creative play!

Fort Magic Box Front View


Fort Magic is different from other building & construction toys available for children because of its unlimited building potential to invent “life-size” creative designs.  Children and families LOVE Fort Magic!  Repeated “five star” customer feedback on Amazon shows children are playing with and enjoying Fort Magic daily, for months, even for over a year, without getting bored!

That’s a toy that inspires and entertains!  Bye, bye addictions to electronics…hello quality playtime kids and families love! 


fort magic 3

I was immediately impressed with this product (so were many other families, see more reviews here).  The pieces are sturdy and even though my boys haven’t been gentle at all, I’ve seen no wear and tear of the parts.  The directions were challenging for my 7 year old, but with a little help from my husband and I, he was quickly able to follow the pictures and make his own designs.  My five year old loves to build things and had an easy time using his imagination to create a tent around his bed.

It also didn’t take very long to build the items.  The large castle only took about 20 minutes from start to finish.  I am thankful for that since my kids are still small and get frustrated with projects that take a long time when they are eager to play.

When I first opened the box, I was a bit overwhelmed with the all the pieces (nearly 400 of them!).  However, Fort Magic has thought of it all.  They included a large very sturdy thick woven canvas bag to store everything in.  It’s made clean up quick and easy.

My mind has been going wild with ideas on how to incorporate Fort Magic in our homeschool activities.  Here are a few of my ideas:

  • Use forts to teach nursery rhymes and poems to preschool students.  (Create the boat and paddle fort to teach Row Row Row Your Boat, etc.)
  • Make a replica of Noah’s Ark or Jesus’ tomb.  You could cover the fort in brown paper bags to create a rock look and roll away the stone as an activity for Easter.
  • Set up a ‘Rocket’ reading area in your home while studying space so kids could read their space books there.
  • What about a Teepee for Native American Cultures studies? Check out this video:

The possibilities are endless!  This is more than just a playtime toy.  For a homeschooling mom, it can extend the learning and engage your children year round!

fort magic 5

Interested in what people are saying?  Check out For Magic’s PERFECT Amazon reviews.

Why Fort Magic for Homeschoolers?

The stimulation, imagination, coordination, and EDUCATION your homeschooler will receive from Fort Magic CANNOT be taught via a worksheet.  It’s a challenging activity for kids of all ages.  My 3 year old built a few simple horns while my 7 year old was anxious to create his own fort with secret tunnels.  Using the instruction manual to create the sample forts is hands-on and REAL LIFE.  One day my boys will be building tricycles on Christmas Eve and because of their experiences with toys like Fort Magic, they will be able to hit the hay by midnight 🙂  Check out Fort Magic’s Education and Learning page for more information.



fort magic 6

fort magic 7


Fort Magic Rocket Ship Final


fort magic 8


The fabric covers that you see on the instruction manual and on some of the pictures on Fort Magic’s website are not available for sale *yet*.  However, Fort Magic has put together an awesome page on their site called World of Fort Magic.  Check it out for lots of tips, tricks, and ideas for using sheets, towels, blankets, or customizing fabrics to make your forts fabulous!

Make sure to check out the Safety Tips page as well.  The product warranty and how to keep your kids safe and your Fort Magic in tip top shape are included on this page.

Where can I buy Fort Magic?  Just click here.

fort magic 10

If you’re anxious to start building forts with your kiddos, you can buy Fort Magic here.  However, HOW ABOUT GETTING ONE FOR FREE?!  Just enter below.  A winner will be Chosen March 16th and announced here on the blog.  Good Luck!

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  1. I love the look of their website! It’s full of imagination!

  2. Left a comment on Fort Magic’s Facebook page!

  3. Laura Stephenson says:

    I have never seen anything like this before! My kids would go crazy with this! Looks like a lot of fun!

  4. Nicole Luff says:

    Forts…we love them! i like how Fort Magic gives kids the tools to create a solid foundation. My big boys can get frustrated when little brother “helps”, inevitably knocking something over…I think this can help!!! I know this is on my boys’ wish list, and its at the top of my personal list as well!!!

  5. I love that there are many different ideas on the site to help jump start the fort building. My kids would love this!

  6. It even comes with the clips!! They really did think of everything! 😀

  7. Heather Dawn says:

    I love the submarine design! Thanks!

  8. Kelly D says:

    I like that you can build unlimited designs, my favorite is the submarine.

  9. my kids would love to play with the castle fort!

  10. Christine W. says:

    Fort Magic looks so cool! I could definitely see my kids using it over and over!
    I liked the airplane idea on the site – maybe I could get my 3 year old to stop toppling chairs and climbing in to use the space between the legs as his cockpit 🙂

  11. julie moore says:

    I loved that these spark the imagination

  12. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    The space cruisers look like so much fun!!

  13. Kaelyn L. says:

    I love how many photos for build ideas there are! So creative and fun!!!

  14. Kaelyn L. says:

    Left a comment on Fort Magic facebook page!

  15. Sarah Hill says:

    My kids would go nuts with this. 🙂

  16. This looks so awesome! I hope I win it for my kiddos!!!

  17. My kids would love this and would never want to take down their fort! I wouldn’t even have the excuse of “needing the chairs back”. LOL

  18. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product…their website makes me want to start building right now! My “big” kids are always trying to use dining room chairs to make their fort but baby sister always comes in and destroys every thing because they have no real way of securing their pieces–love the clips!! I left a comment on their facebook page too!

  19. Stacie Miles says:

    It would be great for my kids and their friends to play with. There are so many possibility and great for kids that love to build with Legos and Knexs.

  20. This looks awesome!!!

  21. This looks great! I like how they show so many designs on the website!

  22. One fort kit can build a submarine, a castle, an airplane and many other design that would enthrall our four 3 year-olds!

  23. I love that there are endless possibilities with this kit and will allow for lots of hours of creativity.

  24. Wow, I love the variety of designs they offer!

  25. I love that it has fabric clips and a storage bag.

  26. wow that’s a great toy!!

  27. Laurie S. says:

    These look awesome!

  28. This looks like SO much fun! My daughter would go crazy to make a spaceship! I love how many different options there are! Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh I love the design section! So many different ones to build! We would love to build the submarine! Looks so fun!

  30. Laura Jacobson says:

    I left a comment on Fort Magics facebook page!

  31. I’ve never seen their site before- I love the space cruisers!

  32. parnella says:

    Great open-ended toy!

  33. I love all the options kids could have building!

  34. Oh, my. I thought the idea page was never going to end! My girls would have so much fun with this! Although it might get set up as a castle and never taken down!

  35. I like that you can build so many different things with one set! Lots of great ideas..the teepee would be fun to make!

  36. My family would love this!!!

  37. I can see this being played with for years to come! As the imagination grows… so do the possibilities! ♥

  38. my kids would love this!!

  39. Laurie P says:

    So many possibilities! Love the castle!

  40. Michelle V says:

    I love how many options they have.

  41. My kids would have a blast with something like this. I have 3 boys ages 12, 10, & 8 who love to build and create. This is right up their alley.

  42. I learned about the safety regulations.

  43. ioana c. says:

    i like that they have so many different design options

  44. I love that the kids can help build the stuff too!

  45. I like all of the customer reviews and photos! I loved all of the different things they made!

  46. Amanda Bradley says:

    I learned about their section that features various blogs with reviews on their products. I liked looking through the blogs and seeing how they use their forts. It was a great way to gather ideas.

  47. Amanda Bradley says:

    I left a comment of Fort Magic’s Facebook page thanking them for their wonderful products!

  48. Awesome for family time! My kiddos would lovethis!

  49. Mary Beth Galloway says:

    My four boys would love this! They get sooooo upset when the forts they build fall down. Fabric clips and a variety of pole sizes and shapes…yay!

  50. Mary Beth Galloway says:

    My four boys would love this! They get sooooo upset when the forts they build fall down. Fabric clips and a variety of pole sizes and shapes…yay!
    Left fort magic a message.

  51. amy stonger says:

    I loved all of the combinations possible with this! My kids and I would have hours of fun building different forts!

  52. I LOVE that this helps kids use their imagination… so much better than watching movies or playing on the iPad!

  53. Rebekah F says:

    I like the different fort designs available on the website.

  54. JEssica Smith says:

    I love that parents are just as excited about this as kids!

  55. JEssica Smith says:

    Commented on their FB page.

  56. I love that the kit includes everything you need to make their designs. Plus the 30 day money back guarantee.

  57. I left a comment on their FB page.

  58. amy stonger says:

    I commented on the Fort Magic Facebook page.

  59. i love all the ideas you can do with one kit, i wish I had one as a kid. fantastic for a rainy day activity

  60. Jessica Wyatt says:

    I love how much easier it is to build a fort with this (and all the options and suggestions-love the pirate ship!). We moved all kinds of heavy furniture when we were younger! So not safe!

  61. Tracie Trump says:

    I commented on FB as T Michelle Trump on 3/15/14

  62. I love the magic castle – love that they have so many different forts!!!

  63. I love this!! My kids love forts and being able to make their own and be creative is great!

  64. I commented on the facebook page.

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