FREE 10 Days of Christ’s Love {Printable Cards with Scripture} for Valentine’s Day

Confession.  Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday.  More than Christmas.  More than Easter.  It’s always been that way, ever since I was a child.  I think it’s because there’s not an obligation.  If you really love someone, you’re going to send them a Valentine.  I love that.  I’ve been thinking of making these 10 Days of Christ’s Love Printable Cards for Valentine’s Day for a while now.

Valentine Day Printables

Valentine’s Day is also a great time to teach Agape love.  The ‘knows no boundaries, has no exceptions’ kind of love.  My goal as a parent is to send my children into the world and reflect this love.  I could care less about their SAT scores if they can love others as God loves them.

I think teaching that lesson starts young.  It’s so hard to teach selfless love and even giving these days.  It sounds simple, but with the gift giving society we live in and crazy birthday parties and the ‘obligatory’ Christmas gifts, children often have a hard time understanding that love is shown by giving and not just receiving.

I’m going to take 10 days during the month of February, in honor of Valentine’s Day to do some special activities that will help them to understand the different ways we can show love.  I want them to know it’s a lot more than saying ‘I love you’ or sending some chocolates.  Please, download and print these 10 Days of Christ’s Love Printable Cards with Scripture on them to teach the really important lessons in life.

You can choose to use all 10 days of ideas, or you can just do a few.  Even just a couple will leave a lasting memory for your children.

Download (PDF, 3.56MB)


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