Frozen Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Banana Bites

The name says it all! These chocolate covered banana peanut butter bites are quick, cheap, and easy to make! They last in the freezer…well…not for long if you’re a fan of chocolate, peanut butter or bananas!

My oldest son recently started training with a homeschool diving club in our area and after practice he is STARVING (hey, what’s new?). So, I’m trying to round up any and every snack I can to pack along with us or break out as soon as we get home!

Enjoy making these!!!

First, I added about 1/4 cup of brown sugar to a cup of peanut butter, rolled it into a cylinder in parchment paper, and then froze it.  The brown sugar just gives it that little something extra…and thickens the peanut butter a bit.  It’s a good decision.


It’s much easier to work with once frozen…but mine defrosted QUICK. So, hop to it, missy (or mister!)


Meanwhile…melt some chocolate. I just used milk chocolate chips…but dipping/melting bark would work better.


Slice up a banana….


Slice up your peanut butter tube..


Assemble the little soldiers like so…


FREEZE ’em…and Voila!



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