Halloween’s Gone By….

Another Halloween is upon us.  This weekend we went to several local trick-or-treating events and I had to giggle at ALLLLL the costumes I saw that have already graced our closets….and then the racks of resale shops!  So, in honor of all the past monies I’ve spent on costumes (and how cute the boys were all dressed up…)….Here’s a tribute to Halloween’s gone by!  (Minus 1 year, in which we were in Dave Ramsey mode and didn’t own a camera to take pictures! My son was Diego that year, just FYI!)

Noah’s first Halloween! This little scare-crow costume is still one of my favorites!


I can’t believe this little boy will be 6 in two weeks! Ohhhhh…..how times flies!


Their first Halloween as brothers! I cannot tell you how over-joyed I was to have a ‘theme’. This lasted all of one year :/


Sweet puppy face!


Noah the Fireman!


Year two as brothers…I guess I did get a few years of ‘themes’ out of them! I already forgot!


Last year they really got into character!


Brody as Bumblebee!


Oh So Sweet Superman!


Halloween Heroes!


And THIS year….

Noah as the Red Power Ranger. Which, seeing as he’s not allowed to watch that cartoon….no clue why he was obsessed with this character. I’m blaming it on the sword that cost as much as that ‘oh-soooo-well-made’ costume ;)


Brody is so excited to be Spiderman!


And one ADORABLE little dinosaur!!! He roars on command too. It’s sooo sweet!


The crew: Halloween 2012!


Have a safe, happy, and MEMORABLE Halloween y’all!


  1. SO CUTE!Makes me sort of wish we celebrated over here in Australia!It seems to be taking off in our area but not enough to justify costumes and candy.Have a fab time 🙂

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