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This post is gonna be simple and straight forward.  And honest.

Prior to the new baby being born, the boys and my husband and I were SICK.  Almost non-stop since 2 days before Halloween.  We never made it to church.

Right about the time we started to crawl our way out of snot ville 2012, little Sawyer was born. Life with newborn…we didn’t make it to church.

Enter media freaking me out about Flu Season 2013, combined with my previous experience with RSV in a newborn….we didn’t make it to church.

This weekend, we were SUPPOSED to go.  Guess what?  A cold.  All of us.  Even the baby.

Is this just the rigamaroo of a young family?  Are we alone?  My guilt is deep from all this church-missin’.

So, for the past few weeks, my husband and I have implemented “Home Church”.  Heck, we homeschool, have a brain and a bible, and are creative..we can totally do this!

I took some pictures of how it works at our house this morning.  Hopefully you can use this technique in the future if you have to miss church 🙂

The boys working on popsicle stick crosses.

It was kinda quiet, like church :)

This little toddler makes going to church pretty difficult. He FREAKS out at the nursery. They page us like 10 minutes in. I don’t really know what we’ll do when we go back…I guess just drag him along to big people church…

Loving the project :)

Brody loves all things arts and crafts. You can see half of me here too. While they work, Keith and I read things from the Children’s Bibles and we sing songs. This Little Light of Mine and He’s Got the Whole World In His Hands were today’s choices.


I lay out lots of books about Jesus and Children’s Bibles….

This is one of my FAVORITE books. It is SO well written. My boys love it too. It’s available on Amazon. There’s a search box in my left sidebar if you’d like to get it for your little boys :)

I take it the toddler prefers home church…



Our completed projects…

He was having fun. We just let ’em because he was quiet…

Daddy and Sawyer watching on :)

“Preach it Mama!”

Oh Lordy. The glue got taken away. This is kinda how he looks at real church ;)

I’m glad we’ve found this new routine on the Sunday mornings we cannot make it to church.  I hope that this will help you with your church guilt on those Sunday mornings when life keeps us home.  I firmly believe Jesus loves any form of worship–as long as it’s genuine 🙂

Happy Home-Churching!


  1. I love this! We also have a newborn and have missed more church than we’d like to. We usually flip on a podcast or recorded sermon so that we get church as well! Thanks for being honest, you’re not alone! -Lilah

    • Elizabeth says:

      Thanks Lilah! I so happy to hear I’m not alone too! I doubt we are…come to think of it..I NEVER see couples in church with newborn babies…they are usually 6 months or so! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Love your pictures! We belong to a church but also have house church with others in our church on Tuesdays, I think having a safe community to go to is so important. I even went once in my P.J’s when it was snowing out – I just wanted to be cozy. To me THATS whats church is really about. Not some big building where it’s a big show. Jesus loved taught us to have community 🙂

  3. Good for you for still doing *something* even if you don’t make it to church. When our son was born I just said oh well & we didn’t even get out of our jammies. Thanks for the ideas for next time. Btw, where did you get those great art trays your cuties are using?

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