Homeschool Room 2013-2014

School starts tomorrow.  Whew.  Room is finished and here it is folks.  I still had one chicken wire art holder to hang at this time.   If you hover over each photo, you can pin the ideas you like!

homeschool classroom design

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  1. It’s beautiful! Excellently organized and arranged. I’m about to start my first year homeschool (preschool). I haven’t set up a room or anything (this is our trial run to see if we want to really commit to homeschooling), but this tour makes me anxious to set up our own room. Thanks for giving us a peek inside your home! 🙂

  2. LOVE this!!! What a great room! Giving me TONS of ideas for my homeschool ‘space’!!

  3. Love your room! I homeschool at the kitchen table. You are blessed!

  4. Wow Liz!!! You can tell how much work you have put into your classroom! GREAT Job! I’m sure your children will just LOVE it! If they are like my boys, they are probably already trying to sneak in there and get some schoolwork done!!!

  5. Awesome room. You put lots of thought into it.
    Blessings, Dawn

  6. I love it! Your room looks great — I especially love the chicken wire frame!!

    Thanks for linking with Collage Friday!

  7. Wow, great room! Hopping over from Homegrown Learners.

  8. Wow, this looks amazing! I wish we could dedicate a room to homeschooling like this, but we just don’t have the space right now. I keep trying to convince my husband to build me a little schoolhouse…but it hasn’t happened yet 😉

    Looks like you’re in for a great year!

  9. Victoria Boyke says:

    Wow I love your classroom, I should send pictures and show you mine. I can learn from your ideals in your classroom.

  10. Just looking at the pictures has my brain gears going! Now I NEED book shelves to start with but I can’t wait to try the dividers like yours to organize them. Ours always tend to go all willy nilly on me lol. I like the paper organizer idea too!
    We love clip boards to start with. My boys have ADHD so sitting in a chair at a table or a desk gets interpreted to them as a cruel and unusual punishment, we like recliners, couches and pillows on the floor 🙂
    We are just getting started into their homeschooling but I have always supplemented their education at home. PS just isnt for my boys and I’m tired of them not learning anything there and havng to teach it all over again at home anyhow, I figured I may as well just keep them home and do it myself to start with and skip all the bad habits and ahem… crap they pick up in public school.
    Wish me luck! Your room has been an inspiration!

  11. Le-Anne Deckers says:

    Lovely room 🙂 We had a room in each of our first two houses specifically for homeschooling, however, these became storage rooms and spare rooms in the end. The kids wanted to work around me. Then our third house, no spare room. We have a wall of storage and bookcases in the dining room plus a desk in their room if they want quiet space. Any kind of messy work is often done on the verandah’s outdoor setting where it can stay to dry or whatever it needs to do. . It has worked well, now, for the last 7 years, especially as they approached their teens. Homeschooling my last 2 through high school now…we are nearly finished! Think I am going to miss it :'( My point is, don’t think you need a special room to home school successfully – or a big budget, either… 🙂

    PS…clipboards are a must! So useful and portable! Bull clips and spare plywood or masonite worked for us…can’t have too many bull clips, either! One other piece of equipment we found wonderful (and still do) is a small but basic digital camera….records those memories you often forget with home schooling activities as well as recording drawing moments so you can complete them at home. Of course, digital photography as an art study in itself as well 🙂 Make sure it has a video component (up to around 30sec) to record those music, singing, sporting and other moments ….precious.

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