Homeschooling FAQ-{My child wants me there all the time…}

My child wants me to sit with them while he/she does his work.  Is this normal?  Should I sit with him?  I have so much to do!

homeschooling FAQ

My son does this daily.  We’ve fought about it.  I’ve yelled.  He’s cried.  Hours later, nothing but hurt feelings have been accomplished.

I get so annoyed when my sons ask, “Will you sit with me?”  while they do work that can be done independently.  I can think of 1000 other things I could be doing around the house.  Not only that, but I often wonder if I’m holding them back in the independent department?

My son is 7.  He often does his workbook type activities alone.  However when it comes to copy work or creative writing, forget it.  He BEGS me to sit by him.

Then, one day, I thought, “what will it hurt?”  I sat there.  And guess what?  We had a great talk, he did his work in record time, and I did not regret sitting there at all.  In fact, I regret the fact that it had been such a power struggle all the other times.

They will only be little once.  Obviously, they need to learn independence.  However, if you’re having issues in a couple of areas and the solution is as simple as giving in to see how it goes.  Do it.  You might be surprised.  We also must realize that there will come a day when they will be eager to do these tasks on their own.

Take heart.  Take a deep breath.  Roll with it, mama!

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  1. By all means, sit with them as much as they need. At the beginning of this year, I thought my second grader (age 7) would never seem ready to do any work independently, but slowly through this year he has begun doing a few things on his own. Mostly in an effort to get done more quickly, but he can now get his spelling, math, and handwriting out and finish all 3 on his own and pile them up for me to check.

    We still do Bible, memory work, grammar, Writing with Ease, and read aloud together. They will pull away in their own time, often before we are ready for them to.Take this time to grow close to them and help them grow close to you and to the Lord. You will not regret that time.

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