Homeschooling last minute, on a rainy day, for FREE :)

Well.  I guess technically, you can ALWAYS homeschool for free….but you know what I mean.  One fun activity can lead to 10 trips to Michaels or Wal Mart and $30 in, you’re wondering why you even started or when you’ll finish!

This is something I used to do when I taught Kindergarten in my Writing and Math centers.  ALL three of my boys were able to participate in this–on various levels.  All you need are the circulars from the local paper, paper (I used index cards), and some crayons or pencils….little to no effort or prep time (right up my ally!), but my kids were really engaged.

Here’s a look:

Grab some ads…


Label  cards or pieces of paper…or even post its with various letters, numbers, words, and symbols to find that are level/age appropriate for your kiddos.


These cards were for my 5 year old.


Lay them out….

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Then turn them over and make a game of it!


He turns one over at a time (and I read the card to him)…


Whatdoyaknow? A Health lesson too!


Then, just circle. Seems so simple, but my oldest loved this :)


For my toddler, I just printed out some photos of foods he’d recognize…


He was excited to participate. Usually he’s locked out via the baby gate…


His big brothers helped…


Sweet boys :)


For my pre-schooler I used magnetic letters to spell his name and his job was to find those…


Here we go!



That’s spilled coffee there….it’s a fact of homeschooling and a tired mommy…..Life happens.


I know this is such a simple activity….I feel silly even sharing it.  But, ya know, sometimes pinterest and Lakeshore can get the best of us and it takes someone’s reminding to just use what we have and get our kids excited about learning.  This is also a great activity to do when you’re making dinner and need the kids occupied.  I often spread ads on the breakfast table or kitchen floor and just shout out what they need to find.

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