Homeschooling Update

It’s officially our ‘second semester’ of our first ‘official’ year of homeschooling and I’m going to update you all with the word…FANTASTIC!

Teaching the toddler to sort…(Don’t be impressed….those were soon being thrown at his brothers who were trying to focus….) Oy. Toddlers. We’ll keep him ;)

Even sleep deprived while in newborn land, we are still truckin’ along on a daily basis and loving it!

Noah is our just-turned-6-year-old and he’s in ‘Kindergarten’.  However, as we homeschoolers know, we build to suit 😉

Reading:  Noah has improved tremendously this year in language arts and reading!  Thank goodness!  I was getting worried the teacher’s kid hated to read!  We’re following Sonlight’s curriculum and he’s at a 1st grade mid- year reading level.  Fluency isn’t where I FEEL it should be, but he’s comprehending well and enjoying the challenge of new words on a daily basis.  HOORAY!

All four of the boys on Christmas Eve.

Math:  Math is Noah’s favorite subject and it shows!  We’re about mid-way through the Math-U-See Alpha book.  I’ve learned to modify where I see fit and not stress that not all the pages get done.  When he solidly understands a concept, we scootch along!

Bible:  We are using Egermeier’s Storybook Bible for our daily Bible reading.  I’m not crazy about it, but we’re still in the Old Testament and I’m anxious to get to the New 🙂

My boys are doing a great job memorizing their Bible verses using Sing the Word from A to Z.  It’s really AMAZING how well they memorize…and Mommy does too!

Team work has improved dramatically 🙂 However, brotherly love seems to be like the weather in Texas….if you don’t like it…just wait five minutes! LOL!

History:  Our history curriculum is mostly reading and comprehension with some hands-on activities for now.  It works well for us and is low stress.  We’re currently studying the Industrial Revolution and the differences between life before and after it..  Vikings, the Tudor Dynasty, Native Americans, and many other topics have been explored this year.

Science:  Science is such a ‘life’ subject at this age.  So much of what is in the curriculum the boys already know from conversations we’ve already had.  I’m SLACKING big time on experiments these days….I need to do better with that!

Handwriting:  We’re getting there.  They are BOYS.  Amen?  Amen.  Let’s not talk any more about this subject….

A photo my son snapped without me knowing until I looked at my phone. In an effort to always be honest with my readers….I will share it! This is how I look most morning post newborn chaos. I did get my eyebrows waxed shortly after this was taken. I feel about as bad as I look. Did I mention Sawyer seems to be sensitive to caffeine? Yep. I FEEL as bad as I LOOK in this one…


Brody (He turned 4 today!) never ceases to amaze me.  He’s very athletic and we thought that would be his strong suit, but academics seem to be his forte as well!

I’m flying by the seat of my pants with his curriculum.  We use some Hooked On Phonics, online printables, and LOTS of reading.  He follows most lessons that Noah is going through aside from Math and Reading.

I just started Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons last week with Brody and WOW…he’s doing excellent.

I’m doing nothing formal for math yet.  Although, he’s showing an interest, so I might start him on the Math U See Primer book soon.  I’ll let you all know how a 4 year old does with that program.

Our first science experiment including the new baby brother!

Our Co-Op classes started up this week from Christmas break and the boys were thrilled to get back into a groove and seeing their friends 🙂  For me, it meant SEVERAL hours in a very dirty SUV while nursing a newborn as I read stories to a toddler pooping on the port-a-training-potty.  Thursdays are gonna be long.

The part you REALLY want to know about….MY SANITY :):

It’s in tact!  Woohoo!  No really.  There have been more good days than bad ever since I let go of the perfection of our school day.  I’m also learning how to let go of being a Kindergarten teacher and grasping how to be a homeschooling MOTHER.  It’s a hard change.

Golly. He’s almost too big for our little table already…..

Now, the house?  HORRIBLE.  A WRECK.  DISGUSTING.  I cannot adequately verbalize how completely stressed it makes me that I can’t seem to keep up since Sawyer was born.  I was on the phone with maids today.  It’s that bad :/

However, as you will recall from THIS POST earlier this year…I’ve really ‘let go’.  Diving class?  Gone.  Gymnastics…nope.  Taking a break.  Once I hit 9 months pregnant and was potty training our 3rd son, and illness plagued our house non-stop, I went ahead and pulled the kiddos out.  We haven’t gone back for several reasons.  Eventually we’ll join back up into some sort of extracurricular activity….But for now, we’re happy with how things are going.

Biggest brother reading to littlest brother :)


So, that’s about it for the big highlights.  Hope your year is going well too!


  1. I absolutely love the photos in this post! Your boys are so adorable! I know it’s not easy getting by on little sleep and having 4 active boys to teach and take care of. I’m so glad you are getting into a “new normal” routine now. 🙂 I love you, Friend!

  2. LOVE this! It’s so inspiring. I have 3 girls and one little girl that is due in May. 7,5,and almost 3 year old. I’m also learning to focus more on their education rather than the housework. Wouldn’t trade the chaotic days for anything though. 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  3. What cute pictures of your boys! So glad you all are doing well! Don’t worry about the mess! There’s a time for that…another day! 🙂

  4. What a beautiful family you have! Thank you for your realism! I love that you are depicting exactly what life is like with a newborn and that you posted the picture that your son took of you! What a breath of fresh air in an internet world that can sometimes be surreal and with media that can make us moms feel like we are supposed to not just keep it all perfectly together but look perfect all the time on top of it. Praise God for real women like you who aren’t afraid to be honest with the world! I have loved reading your Blog today. it has been a blessing. 🙂

    • Elizabeth says:

      Sierra—You are TOO sweet!!! That was my intention! To be real and let other moms out there know that many of the reasons we feel bad about ourselves is just FAKEness! Love you sweetie! I’ll blog regularly when my baby out-grows the colic! Stick around 🙂

      • Well, I officially subscribed to your site after reading another one of your posts from Hip Homeschool Moms about real life homeschooling! Again, a REAL post! I love it, and loved your last reply 🙂 ! I will say a prayer about the colic! I hope he is getting better already! God Bless you! Love to you!

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