Homeschooling Without a School Room

After I posted this video tour of my school room, I received messages from discouraged moms that they had no room for a classroom and they just didn’t think they could homeschool without one.  No way!  I have an entire room for two reasons:

1.  We happened to have a spare bedroom (at the moment).

2.  I was a former kindergarten teacher with lots of stuff and I needed somewhere besides a moldy garage to store it.


So, if you see my tour and feel the need to go spend a ton of money and move one of your children into you master bedroom closet, please don’t!  Here are 3 quick and easy ways to organize your homeschool life without breaking the bank to doing a major renovation.

Below is a video with the ideas, if you’d prefer to read, just keep on scrolling.  The same information is below (without the glare from my glasses or my 9pm sweatpants).

1.  Laundry Baskets




I took a square laundry basket and put a few essential elements on the outside and filled the interior with all the homeschool curriculum supplies, manipulatives, pencils, workbooks, DVDs…it ALL fit.  Each child could have their own basket and you  just pull it out when you need it.

You could also command strip a white board or square magnetic cookie sheet to one of the sides of the basket to make a complete little learning center!

2.  Kitchen Cabinets


Many homeschool moms loathe using the ‘ol kitchen table to homeschool, but I believe it can work and work WELL.  Simply clear out some space in a kitchen cabinet that your child can reach.  Organize your supplies and train your child how to set up school at the table and how to put all their supplies away.  Even a preschooler can handle that one.  When you think about it, all those fancy curricula come in a basic box…it can easily fit in a cabinet in our homes somewhere.

3.  Storage Tubs

homeschooling organization

If you don’t care for the laundry basket idea, just grab a few Rubbermaid storage tubs!  Although these don’t hold a ton of stuff, you could prepare each tub on a daily or weekly basis.  Your main school supplies could be in a cabinet or closet.  I like this idea because you can even throw these tubs into the car and homeschool on the go!

Another fun fact.  Schoolrooms make a MESS!!!!!  Oh my goodness.  I will say that is one one of the downfalls to having a classroom.  Not just that…but having too much STUFF.  Mess.  Paperclips.  Rubber bands and cotton balls in places they should never be.  Oy!  Save yourselves!!!!!

I hope you know that it doesn’t take a fortune or a degree in interior design to turn your home into a haven for learning.  Happy Homeschooling!


  1. Love this post, too often I drool (covet) other homeschool rooms. I wistfully stare at the shelves of neatly organized school supplies only to walk away discouraged and unmotivated to change anything since it can’t be what I saw in the picture. Thank you for giving me other practical ideas! 🙂

  2. After seeing your room I was very impressed. But I for one love the idea of using the kitchen table as our homeschool central. I like the idea of being able to have the sink right there for art and science projects. And while our little guy (he’s 3) is coloring or working with blocks and our daughter (she’s 5 ) is working on her writing, I can throw a load of laundry in, or throw something in the crock pot for supper. My kids follow me everywhere. So I really think if we had a separate school room it would just be a holding. Place for our supplies and everything would be brought to the kitchen table anyway. This will be.our first year homeschooling as our daughter is old enough for kindergarten. We have a hutch by our kitchen table, as well as a storage closet right off the kitchen that we are using for.our supplies/books. Pinterest has awesome ideas on organization for supplies. When it comes down to it, your little ones will be happy and comfortable if Mama is. So just relax and make your child’s homeschooling experience about the love of learning and getting to spend so much time together.


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