How to Introduce the Alphabet to Preschoolers {Free Printable!}

Homeschooling.  You’re doing it even if you’re not ‘doing it’.  Mom and Dad usually introduce the alphabet before any teacher.  Here’s how to introduce the alphabet to preschoolers in a simple, affordable, quick way!

My amazing friends Heather and Margie were reading specialists back when I was a new (LOST!) teacher.  They taught me everything I know about early education.  Well, my children come a close second, but those two gals had a bag full of tricks deeper than Mary Poppins.

how to teach the alphabet

My favorite activity they presented one day was this ‘Let’s Dial Up the ABC’s’ file folder printable.  You just print out the two sheets, glue it onto a manilla file folder, and tie on a Hear Myself Sound phone from Lake Shore Learning.  Voila!  A hands on, cheap, and quick way to review the alphabet with your kiddos.  It doesn’t take much.  It also doesn’t have to be complicated!  I try to go over it with my just turned 3 year old twice a day.  Pooping on the potty is a prime time to get them to pay attention.  You can watch the video below and see that my sweet sweet son could care less after 2 minutes.  This is totally normal for him and my boys.  Attention spans are short.  Yet, they’re learning!  Just keep on keeping on!

Here’s a few tips when using this printable:

  • Encourage your child to POINT to the letters as you say them to help with letter/sound recognition.
  • You can also just go over the SOUNDS instead of the letter names.  That’s actually the most important aspect anyway!
  • ‘Dial’ their name.
  • ‘Dial’ common sight words
  • ‘Dial’ siblings names
  • Quiz them by asking them to dial certain letters to see if they are progressing
  • This should be fun
  • Don’t be a drill seargent
  • Small amounts of time
  • Do it on the potty
  • Keep it in the car

Happy Homeschooling! (printable and video below)

(Right click and download the image to your computer, then print.  They will automatically print to an 8.5×11 size for a file folder).  I do plan on uploading it into a Word doc soon as well, but my computer just got out of the shop and I need to work on uploading some old programs.  If you have trouble, let me know!

teaching the abc's to preschoolers Let's dial up the ABC's

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