How-To Morning Message Video

Here’s an example of how I do Morning Message on a daily basis. This is beginning Kindergarten and after watching the video I’m sure you can see that you can modify up or down as needed. A few points before you watch:

  • Notice that during my INSTRUCTION of the Morning Message, I’m teaching my son rules, ensuring correct spelling, punctuation, and spelling.
  • However, at the end of the video when I allow him to make a list, it’s his terrain.  He uses phonetic awareness to sound out and spell his own words.  I do guide him here and there.
  • The list-making activity at the end is to get him EXCITED about writing and to build confidence.  The actual Morning Message was my time to teach rules…this is his time to practice.
  • Over time, you will notice that going over the rules EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. during Morning Message, whether you think your child is listening or not, will eventually spill over into their own reading and writing.

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