If Jesus Came to Your House Poem {With Free Printable}

This poem, If Jesus Came to Your House, was something my mom found in one of her magazines she’d get in the mail from her favorite Bible radio station before she died.  The Bible Broadcasting Network (www.bbnradio.org) was what she listened to every moment in the car.  I also came to love it, and now, in 2013, I can use their free live streaming and enjoy their teachings.  It’s an awesome station, check it out at BBN Radio.

This was the last publication that came to our house a month before she died.  She was in the last stages of her fight with cancer, but when she saw this poem she said she would frame it once she got better.  She went to be with Jesus instead, and I framed it and love to read it whenever I need a second to reflect.

It is meant for the ‘holiday’ season.  However, it’s nice to keep out all the time.  There is no author, just ‘Anonymous’.  I made an 8×10 printable for you all to print, frame, and enjoy.  I think it would make an awesome ‘back’ to a Christmas photo card as well.

Just click on the picture below, save it to your computer, and it will automatically print an 8×10 size.  I did include my blog URL at the very bottom in tiny print.  Due to photos being used so freely on the internet, I do want credit for my work.  I tried to make it small enough so that you can snip it off, or if you frame it, it will be covered by your frame.  Feel free to ‘pin’ this or share it with your friends!

Enjoy, sweet friends!

If Jesus Came to Your House Poem



  1. I had gone to bed for the night along with my husband, our grandson, age 18, also lives with us, was going to stay up for awhile and watch some TV. God woke me up, at 2 am, and because I had gone to bed without having an evening meal, felt a little hungry and decided to get a snack from the kitchen. When I stepped out of my bedroom door, I found the TV was rather loud and turned to see what he was watching. I don’t remember exactly what he was watching but I did know it was something that an 18 year old grandson should be watching, especially since he was a Christian young man. I ask him right a way to turn the channel and I muted the sound. I ask my grandson what he would do, if Jesus was sitting right next to him. Then came back the memory of a poem I had read and learned so many years ago, “If Jesus Came to Your House.” I immediately went to Google and typed in the title to that poem and it popped right up for me to view. So printing it out for him to read in the hope that he will think upon this poem before watching any TV that wouldn’t be pleasing in the eyes of God.

  2. Sarah E Dawson says:


    I love this poem also and have used it for many years in teaching.
    Just thought you might like to know the author.

    My copy of this poem was written by Lois Blanchard and published by Osterhus Publishing House in Minneapolis, MN.
    Keep up your good work!

  3. Karen M Roth says:

    This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing this. Sorry about your mom.

  4. Jeff D.Rhiner says:

    Indeed I would ask Him right in. I really don’t think I would need to hide a thing’ besides he would know if you had! And I would ask him along anywhere I went. He would be most welcome to stay for as long as he wished! I’m far from perfect but I really don’t think I would change anything! He love’s us regardless of what we do, or who we are or how we look or wwhat we wear! He see’s what is in ourheart’s and knows all we’ve ever done in the past! And still he Love’s us with all his heart! He’s or Lord And Saviour! Know all we’ve done in the past. But loves us still. But He Still Want’s us all to do what’s Right! Peace, Love, Dove!;>)

  5. Jack lane says:

    Good poem I remember the poem as a child it give me chills

  6. I’ve never seen or heard this before so thanks for sharing.

  7. Amal Michel/Hope Faith says:

    this is something I wrote called: “WHAT IF”

    What if I had everything
    Everything that I ever wanted?
    What if I had fame money fortune?
    What if my name was written pin every billboard or even in every magazine?
    What if I had it all the life of a celebrity
    Would I be completely satisfied?
    Certainly not! You see the answer is simple
    God did not create me to be like that
    God had another plan a Greater and grander plan that He set for me.

    The world may think oh that girl she’s crazy cray cray because she thinks
    That she’ll be alright
    The world may think oh just because you don’t fame and fortunes and all that
    That your life is gonna be any better.

    Well, that’s man’s opinion about my God about me that’s what they all think but Greater is He that is in you then He who is in the world. My God my King JESUS Christ will and does provide me with all I need to get through every day.

    Don’t be moved by man by their opinions about you don’t let man dictate to you how you should live who you should follow or even what road in life you should travel. See God gave us all the gift of freewill He allows us all to make our own decisions we have a choice to beoved or to stop and say no that’s not what my Father says. We can either choose to except the lies of the devil or tell the devil to shut up the choice is ours to make they make our decisions for us. We are all of one spirit one body the Body of Christ each of us walk together towards and for Christ and Christ alone but each of us also have our individual walks with Christ also.

    • Amal Michel/Hope Faith says:


      • Amal Michel/Hope Faith says:

        The poem I wrote is so true that all of us can relate to, the sad reality is that many people I myself was once like that too used to think what if I had it all if would be great right?! Not at all you see I sat back Bible in hand tears rolling down my face talking to the Lord saying;

        Lord if I had everything a celebrity has it would not make me complete there would be a void an emptiness inside longing yearning to be filled with love and hope something’s many people in the world are going through now they are searching for love and acceptance of others they are fearful of the rejection of society of man if they don’t live their lives that man think is totally acceptable it is not the case at all it is not right.

        MATTHEW 27
        When I read this I started to cry each time read it bout 3 times each time I cried because each time the Lord was showing me that;

        Even when the Pharisees and scribes delivered Him up to pontius Pilate, Pilate asked Him; Matthew 27:11 Are you now the King of the Jews? Jesus said to him, It is as you say.” Jesus was so confident in who He was He was confident in the Fathers plan Jesus knew who He was Jesus knew what He was sent to do and He did it without complaining and questioning the Father He did it because He knew it had to be done. See Jesus didn’t let what everyone in the crowd was saying to Him move Him. Jesus was completely confident and unmoved by the opinion of man Jesus didn’t let what they were saying or doing stop Him from doing what He was sent to do. Why?, because He kept His eyes on the Father. What an awesome maker we have JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! Amen!.

        God is good all the time, all the time God is good.

    • I love it!! It’s nice to hear from another Christian.

      God Bless you

  8. Thank you, I love this poem..even though we know Jesus knows everything about us and loves us ..It brings to mind for me these scriptures verses, Jesus asked Peter “do you love me”John 21:16 “If you love me keep my commandments “John 14:15..”therefore keep watch because you do not know what day your Lord may come. Matthew 24:22, Let Him find us faithful is my prayer..God Bless

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