Jesus Talked to Me in the Shower Last Night….

The shower is one of the few places I have quiet time.  And even last night, it really wasn’t that quiet—the baby started fussing the minute my hair was all lathered up, but luckily my husband grabbed the baby.  As I began to unwind and shampoo for the first time in about 4 days, my mind began to playback the day…..and I heard God, softly….sometimes in the form of my own intuition…but never the less, it was God.  The voice of my good friend, Jesus.  Just he and I, thinking out the day together….

“I should have gotten up earlier, but I was so tired….”

{I can give you the strength to do that, but you need to ask}

“My poor husband, always getting up first, making breakfast, managing the three oldest children.”

{I blessed you with a good one, didn’t I?  He enjoys helping and I designed marriage this way.  I know what you need}

“I failed at laundry yet again.  I really hope there is something for us all to wear tomorrow.”

{You put your children first, as do I, tomorrow is another day}

“I wonder if the boys are getting enough hands on activities in our school day….?”

{Teach them my ways, and my TRUTH, and the rest will fall into place}

“Ugh, this pudge of a stomach….better start working out.”

{You are beautifully and wonderfully made.  I made you strong and healthy.  You’ve brought healthy children into this world and have the energy and able-ness to care for your home daily.  Be thankful}

“There’s the baby coughing.  What if he has RSV?  What if it’s WHOOPING COUGH?!  What if he gets REALLY sick?”

{Whatever comes, do not fear.  I’ll be there too.  We’ll get through it.  Even IF the worst comes your way, you’ll survive…remember when your Mom left you?  And here you are, my child}

“I’m over budget on my medicine envelope this month already.  I hope I don’t have to transfer cash from another envelope at all..”

{I’ll provide.  This is a silly worry, honey.  You’ve followed my principals on money–you and Keith are ready to tackle anything}

“Why did I yell at my two year old for making that mess?  He’s only two.  I need MORE patience with him.”

{You were wrong to yell.  Show them how I love them with your words and actions.  No need to yell or degrade.  Ever.  You were wrong.  But, I will give you another chance tomorrow to make it right.  Don’t wait too long, though, Elizabeth, they will be grown soon.  Give them good memories and a firm foundation}

It was a good talk we had last night, me and Jesus.  What a friend I have in him 🙂  Do you?  How long has it been since you talked with the Lord?

God’s Peace to All of You!




  1. You are a strong mother,willed and designed to love your children,to have days of nothing going/feeling right,yet still being able to handle it and come out smiling,even if just a bit.4 kids is an adjustment,I know.I had our 4th minus also being Home schooling,so you have much in your life that would make the above descriptions take place.Be kinder on yourself,your doing a very good job.You might not have given them your best on this day,but you at least recognized that and made peace with Jesus,and you are wanting to do better.And you will.We all do,we all have these days.It will get ‘easier’ and you will one day have plenty of time to ‘shed the little bulge’.
    And I am pretty sure there is nowhere in the mama handbook that says daddy looking after the kids in the morning is ever a bad thing.I get the guilt,but with all you do everyday,and usually all night,some sleeping in time is warranted.Take the new day slow.Set your alarm if you want to rise earlier to be up before the boys.Big hugs xxx

    • AWWW! Thank you so much Jess! It is such a relief to have a forgiving Savior who is truly a good friend that allows us a million second chances 🙂

  2. Beautiful, Liz, thanks for sharing this.

    • Thanks Cindy! And thanks for commenting 🙂

      • This post is beautiful. I can certainly relate to all of the self-doubt that goes along with mothering. But your conversation with Jesus helped remind me that I am beautiful in His sight, and He is just as close to me as my own breath. I love that you do not see Him as a far-away cosmic power, but a companion, and confidant, someone whom you could speak to as easily as you speak to your husband or your best friend. What a blessing!

  3. I’m crying right now because I read this right when I needed it. I don’t want to go into details but I’ve been extremely stressed out lately. I have been sad and tired and frustrated and my kids and family have been my punching bags (not literally).
    The Lord works in mysterious ways and he wanted me to read your post.
    Thank you!!!!!!

    • Oh Jen!!! I’m so glad you can relate and it spoke to you also. With life the way it is these, days, I’ll need to come back and read this just to remind myself. It’s so easy for God to be put last…

  4. I absolutely adore this post! Found you from Boogies N Boo Boos. I love when bloggers are open about their faith in such a real, raw, honest way. Even though I don’t have children, I feel overwhelmed as you sometimes. And the things He speaks into my life undo all my thinking, just like He did yours. It’s amazing what happens when we just trust Him and remember – God’s got it all! Blessings to you for writing this 🙂

  5. Liz, I am just now reading this post. The shower is ALWAYS where I have my quiet time…just me and my Jesus. I love how He pursues us and answers our weariness with such grace and love. Your thoughts answered by His thoughtful Truth…beautiful. I needed to read your encouragement tonight. Thank you! XO

    • Thank Megan 🙂 We’ve been out of town for Easter for nearly a week now. I just need some quiet time with God, honestly. Despite, ‘Easter’….I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had true QUIET time with Him. You know?

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