My Favorite Cold Remedies That WORK!

Hey y’all! Snot and cough season is nigh. It’s my most anxious time of year. Each week at church and co ops I CRINGE to drop off my kids into a room where we will no doubt contract something new. Oy. Where’s my Prozac?!

However, over the years I’ve collected an arsenal of all natural kid and adult products that are AWESOME for the immune system and can help keep respiratory and ear infections at bay!

I’m not really an all natural girl. We vaccinate, I don’t own any oils, and I love hand sanitizer. However, these are products that I have spent my own money on and tried. THEY WORK. Amazon reviews prove it. These ideas and thoughts and opinions are my own. Stock up, mamas! Just click on the name of the item or the picture to take you to Amazon.


This first one is THE BEST.  Kicks my kids cold in the butts and prevents sinus infections like THAT.  I mean it.  Worth every penny.  Stock up!

This one is good for when they first seem like they are getting sick.  Kinda like a Zicam.  I find it’s most effective if given ASAP.


My husband and I take these garlic pills daily to help our immune system.  No garlic burp either 🙂


Amazing cough syrup!  All natural.  Great Amazon reviews!  I’ll be stocking up now that fall is around the corner!


Another one for the grown ups!  As soon as my hubby or I feel like I’m getting sick, we start taking this stuff and BAM!  Better.  Amazing stuff.  Amazon only product.  GET IT YESTERDAY!


Happy cold and respiratory infection season!


  1. We have found that constant hand washing(out oncologist hates hand sanitizer) as well as saline nasal sprays work best. If we go to church or co-op everybody changes as soon as we get home and inmediately washes their hands again.That said I actually have a kid that walks around in a mask and gloves when it’s bad. Just a few tips from the oncology mom:)

    • We’re hand washing gurus here. I’m so sorry about your little one. Does he/she have cancer? Or a blood disorder? What kind? I’m so sorry. I know hand washing is way better than hand sanitizer, but sometimes I use it before we are able to get to a sink. Keep me posted on your little one!

  2. I’m kind of a germ-a-phobe myself and I also do the “cringing” part that you do. However, I’ll take my kids having a cold any day over them having a stomach bug… those are the worst! So sorry to hear that you’re dealing with colds already!!

  3. Hi!
    I was wondering if you would be able to post the pictures or names of the cold remedies? The pictures aren’t showing up on the post. Thanks!

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