New Curriculum in February…why not?

One of the beauties of homeschooling is that you can scrap what’s not working and reboot a million times over per child if you need to.  You can add a little of this or alot of that.  And, in my case, a dash of Matt Lauer at 8:45a.m.  I really love the Today Show.  Did I mention that?  Coffee, my bible, and a little NBC…it really gets my motor running.  AnyWAY….

I began learning about homeschool curriculum via Google.  And blogs.  Have you ever looked into homeschool curriculum?  The possibilities are endless.  I had no idea.  An entire year, every subject, bible lessons, the WORKS.  For a newbie, it’s VERY overwhelming to choose something online that is right for your child(ren).  My oldest is only in Pre-K this year, but being the over-achiever, ‘my child’s advanced’, ‘I have issues deciding on ANYTHING’ type of homeschooling newcomer I am–I ordered various programs.  My go-to curriculum that encompasses most everything we need is Sonlight.  I didn’t think I liked it at first….but it’s growing on me.  I’ll definitely stick with it for Kinder as well. My mother-law gave us a set of Pre-K and K Hooked on Phonics as well.  Which my boys LOVE.  Do you remember back in school when that was a real put down for a child?  “Hooked on Phonics worked for ME!”  That phrase echoed on playgrounds everywhere! I didn’t even realize it was still around.  AWESOME program for your child whether you homeschool or not!  I’ve also supplemented with many printouts from various blogs (which I’ll post about one day soon) and pulled old tricks outta my hat from my teaching days.

However, it seems in the homeschool world, Math and Science really don’t become structured until Kindergarten.  I didn’t feel the need to add anything until my 5 year old was BEGGING for math and science during reading time.  So, I consulted with my therapist, aka, Google.  I also chatted with the ladies in my homeschool co op.  By far, Math-U-See was what the popular kids were using.  And for this hesitant chick, that’s an answer to prayer.

I ordered the Primer set, which I believe would be equivalent to Kindergarten.  The set when all said and done was about $90–a good bargain in my eyes for an entire year of curriculum.

It comes with a DVD that includes a short lesson for the student (a nice break for mommies I might add) and then there is a workbook to review the lesson.  This program emphasizes place value and base ten blocks early on.  I remember introducing those concepts in 3rd grade!  Definitely a change of pace for me.  So far, my son loves it, and so does my pocket book!  Updates to come on how we’re coming along with it. 


  1. We made the ‘switch’ to Math U See mid year about 3 years ago. I have never looked back. It saved our entire homeschool, and I’m not exaggerating. I was at the point of visiting the local Christian school. The only major thing that kept me from enrolling my kids was that we had just made the switch to MUS and the school was using Saxon. I had heard how hard Saxon is for some kids and just couldn’t imagine putting my eldest daughter through that. I am so glad we stuck it out. Even though math still isn’t her *favorite* subject, she ‘gets it’ now. And, she loves being homeschooled now. It makes so much sense and it builds over the years. I thought it odd, too, to start with place value, but I can see the benefits of it now that we’ve been using it for several years. I think you’ll be happy you made the switch, too. 🙂

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