No Time for Rotten Bananas?

Often times those rotten bananas sneak up on me.  Rarely do I have time to drop everything and make banana bread or cake or frozen baby food.  So, this is what I do:


Le Rotten Bananas…(I just happened to have the perfectly divisible number of 15…)


I mashed sets of 5 bananas…


Grab some gallon sized storage bags…


Then just put the mashed bananas into the storage bag, in an even layer, zip, and freeze!


I freeze mine for up to 3 months, but usually use them by then.  I just set them out an hour or two before I need to bake with them, and they are perfect!

Happy Freezing!



  1. I like to freeze mine as whole bananas in small separate baggies. Then I use them in smoothies. YUM! I just put in 1 or 2 bananas, one 6 or 8 oz. container of yogurt (usually strawberry flavored), a splash of milk, a cup or two of frozen strawberries, and maybe some apple or grape juice so it’s not too thick. Blend it all together and it is sooooooo good!! (Sorry, but I don’t really use a recipe. Just a little of this and a little of that.)

    • Elizabeth says:

      YUM! That sounds good too Wendy! I always end of baking with them, so this kinda cuts the project in half for me…back when I did baby food, I did what you do. Love ya girl!

  2. I wait till they are VERY ripe, break them in 6 pieces and freeze them in a gallon zipper bag. When I make my Visalus shakes for breakfast in the morning, I take out 6 pieces, add it to the shake mix and 10 oz of water….Sure beats watering the shake down with ice. It’s so creamy and delicious! You could do this with any shake mix, or just with milk!!

    • Elizabeth says:

      That sounds great too Jen! That would be a good option to smashing them up! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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