Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Photo Shoot

If you’ve read my ‘Uncle Dave’ series, you know I’m cheap out of necessity.  Which means there ain’t no money for professional photos.  I’m anti JC Penny poses, myself.  No offense to the Portrait Innovation lovers out there.  When I take my kids there, it’s DISASTROUS.  We all leave angry.  And the pictures are U.G.L.Y!

So, I invested in a Nikon D40, read a few blogs, and started taking my own pictures.  If my boys need an hour to run around before they are ready to cooperate, I’m not paying a $200 ‘sitting’ fee for that.  If I don’t get any good shots–at least I’m not obligated to spend $65 on an 8×10…ya know?  I also took 175 photos in 32 minutes.  I’m posting less than 10.  That’s how little kids roll.

These are from my latest shoot a couple weeks ago.  Noah is 5 1/2, Brody is 3 1/2, and Hudson is 1 1/2.  They’re good lookin’ boys, I’m warning you now.  These photos just might cause  baby fever ;0!

It didn’t start out too well….


My husband was with me. Have an assistant….for sure!


Don’t delete the silly ones….those are the ones that really capture who your kids are ;)

Kissy Face Hudson!

Our oldest, Noah. Le sigh. How did he get so big?

Our second born, Brody. Sweet and oh so cute!

Hudson Grant. Always the charmer.

Funny Brothers!



Another frame worth photo!

And finally, our ‘lil heartbreaker!


What else can I say?  Lock up your daughters!


  1. I did the same thing when my middle child was a little over a year. Before that all I could do was Portrait Innovations, and we all know how that turns out. Enter my beloved Canon DSLR. I get frustrated when my kids behave even worse for me, but there is always tomorrow! What cuties you have!

    • Thanks Ashley! I love my DSLR! Really is a must if you have kids and want non-portrait studio photos and don’t have a ton of cash! Going to check out your blog now!

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