Olympic Fever!!!!

Back when I taught Kindergarten, I was obsessed with making fun hats for the kids on Fridays. So, as soon as I saw the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony uniforms debut on the Today Show, I had this vision of making these berets for my boys! Hats are just so fun to me! From the hat idea flowed other ideas for the Olympic Games and here we are! I hope ya’ll enjoy!!!!


So, here’s the beret that started it all! Did you just learn how to spell beret? I did! The on-line fashionista’s either love or hate this Olympic hat. I think it’s great!


This hat is SO cheap, easy, and quick to make. Grab a sentence strip and some blue tissue paper. Don’t have a sentence strip? Use some construction paper, masking tape, regular paper–anything will work! This is about having fun–not about making it perfect!


Fold the sentence strip length-wise…


Cut the edges/corners off the tissue paper. No need to be perfect.


Pleat or fold the tissue paper in between the folded sentence strip….continue this all the way around the sentence strip. Again, no need to be perfect with this. I staple as I go around. You could glue it as well. However, it would get rather messy.


Pleat, staple, repeat…


Staple the two ends together….




Now print off the picture of the beret that I posted above.


Cut out the emblem from the hat…


Grab some red and white construction paper.


Cut white and red strips for the stripes on the side of the hat. I didn’t use a ruler or nothin’. Just quick and easy. Get it done!


Glue on the emblem and stripes. You can see here my son has already painted the white sentence strip blue.


Here he is working on painting his brothers’ hats.

Now on to the photo shoot!!!!!  (Ralph Lauren designers..eat your heart out!)



Meet Noah! He’s looking smashing in those goggles and homemade tissue paper beret, isn’t he?! This is his ‘smolder’ face I asked him to make. My kids cooperate like that (I also give them candy :))


He decided his specialty would be diving!


Up next…we have Brody! What a handsome thing…


Brody doesn’t look so sure in this picture…but I assure you, ‘football’ is in his future!


My five-year old then turned the camera on ME!!!!  That’s ok, I’m all about the hat!

Up next in the ring…MOMMY!!!! She’s gained more than the recommended amount of weight just half way through her pregnancy and she’ll be competing in one of the most difficult tasks in the games: nursing a squirmy 6 month old in Target while using coupons, chasing 3 other children, and all without showing skin! We wish her the best of luck!

He’s OFF!!!

We ran around the yard and learned all about handing off the torch and the history behind that tradition…


Team Schmidtberger 20-thiry something!


We also made Olympic Crayons…


I used two round cookie cutters and put the crayon bits in between the cookie cutters.  I did put a tab bit of shortening around the insides and outsides of the cookie cutters so the crayons would easily pop out.   I didn’t grab a pic tonight…


Le brick…

As you can see, some of the wax will leak–even with the brick.  It’s ok, you’ll still have a beautiful Olympic ring in there!

For all the details on how I use old crayons to create something new, how to preheat the oven, etc…check out my “When Life Breaks Your Crayons” post.



We’ve also set up an ‘Olympic Wall’ in our school room!  The Olympic Games are a great way to teach geography, culture, math, and vocabulary (aka football=soccer).

The boys, their hats, and medals in front of our Olympic wall.


I quickly used a whiteboard to create a metal count for Team U.S.A! A poster board would do too!


Don’t forget a world map! Even Momma is going to get schooled (I’m terrible with geography!)


There you have it!  We’re very excited about the Olympics in these parts!  I hope you’ll do some or all of these activities too and get your kiddos pumped!  If you make the beret…don’t forget to share a pic on my Facebook page HERE.


  1. Oh my goodness, Liz. You are incredible! What a great way for your guys to learn about the Olympics and have fun with their Mommy. They will remember this stuff when they’re older, for sure. I think you are such a great mom and love seeing the picture of you in all your beautiful pregnant glory with your sweet boys. Thanks for sharing this. Love all your ideas.

    Love and Hugs,

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