Our Homeschool Room 2012-2013!

I’m FINALLY posting this.  I literally finished it up Sunday night and life has been a whirlwind since starting school, so here it is late Wednesday!  It’s a simple room, but we’re having lots of fun so far.  It’s functioning well and I’m really thankful to have a dedicated (and baby-gated) space to homeschool!

My desk and our library behind me in a closet (we removed the doors)


The boys’ desk and our weekly reads on the shelf ledge. That’s the other closet sans doors full of sharpened pencils, Elmer’s Glue, and all things Crayola! Swoon!


Our calendar. I’m a big believer in allowing the kids to create as much print in the room as possible. My son stamped the months and days of the week and then wrote each date on a card. It may not be as pretty as a Lakeshore set, but it means more to him!


Our morning routine/calendar wall. 100 days of school, color of the day, make the date with coins, and of course my ode to the Today Show…”What’s it Like in Your Neck of the Woods?” aka our weather board 🙂  Oh….that marker on the wall?  The toddler.  Hence, the baby gate :)

Our Bible memory verse board and our weekly nursery rhyme.


Another view of the calendar area.  There is a book basket and pillows and blankets you can sorta see for independent reading time…although most of the time we’re reading together.


The room is already looking SO different just a few days into the week with lots of art work and projects all over the place.  I’ll update you all along our journey!  Happy Homeschooling!


  1. Super Super Super cute and functional! I think the set your son made is so much way cuter than Lakeshore! 🙂 Happy first week of school!

  2. Looks great! I see we are using the same curriculum. Did you go to sleep last night singing… “All have sinned…..” 🙂 We did an awesome cave painting that came out just wonderfully too. I was hoping to post pics on my blog soon 🙂 Blessings today!

    • Elizabeth says:

      “And fall short!” Oh yes, I’m ALWAYS singing that! LOL! We did painting on a white t shirt using berries and leaves and such and then some carvings on rocks 🙂 Glad we can make this journey together!

  3. Very cute room! Love the weekly nursery rhyme. I may have to do that too!

  4. Where did you find the boys’ desk? Do they stand sturdy enough, say a 3 year old puts its weight down on one side? Shopping for something now. I really like the bins underneath.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Hey Rose! Thanks for your comment! Actually….I got the entire thing…desk, drawers, and chairs at a garage sale for $5!!!!!!! All of it! Ridiculous, no? However, I know those drawers are container store brand Elfa, and the table top is also. Ikea has some GREAT stuff that is much more reasonable than The Container Store. Yes, it does tip a tad if my kids literally SIT on it….but leaning isn’t an issue. If you or your husband are crafty, you could probably put something together like this from home depot? Maybe? Again, I totally got lucky. Good luck!!! Come back and share what you do!

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