PreSchool Math YouTube Videos

Teaching preschoolers math concepts is fun and easy!  However, when you have a brood to homeschool, many times those littles ones get left out (or at least in my house they do!)  You Tube has long been an amazing resource for fun videos that my children love!  It does take monitoring on my part so that they don’t stumble into things they shouldn’t watch.  Here are my favorite Preschool Math YouTube videos!

The Big Numbers Song (You’ll have it in your head FOREVER!  But it sounds similar to the Beatles…so it’s cool!)

**Tip:  Use a pointer and a number line to point to the numbers as the song plays to work on one to one correspondence.

Counting Videos:

**Tip:  Using beans, socks, shoes, fruit, grapes, or legos to practice counting is the perfect way to start out counting with little ones!  It can be done anywhere too!  Collecting 50 leaves at the park, 10 animals at the zoo, etc.!


Let’s Learn Our Shapes:

**Tip:  Go on a shape hunt after enjoying these videos.  Take pictures with your camera or phone and then print the various shape pictures and make your preschooler a book!


Pattern Videos:


Let’s Learn Our Colors!


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  1. Thanks I made my girl a playlist! 🙂

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