PreSchool Pre-Reading YouTube Videos

PreSchool Pre-Reading You Tube Videos perfect for homeschooling 2 big boys with 2 little boys under foot is very difficult.  Many days, nearly impossible to help my preschoolers do any sort of pre-reading prep.  I don’t *like* to allow them to watch too much TV during the day while I’m working one on one with another child, but some days it happens.  I also hate for the little ones to be in a total separate room while we’re homeschooling because it feels too ‘school-esk’.  So, I started a YouTube channel and saved lots of learning videos for my little ones to watch on the iPad using headphones.  They love it, I feel less guilty, and we all get to stay in one room together!  I hope these videos help your kiddos begin learning their letter sounds, rhyming, and other pre-reading skills–while making momma feel like she can get a 5 minute break!

you tube math videos for preschool


Alphabet Videos (letter names):

Phonics Videos (letter sounds):

This one is from the UK and oh SO cute and AWESOME for preschoolers!  Duchess Kate is surely using this one with baby George 😉

Nursery Rhymes to help with Rhyming skills:


Happy Homeschooling!





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