Lately, when I look at Sawyer (our newest little one…) I get a feeling of nostalgia.  A weird twilight zone type sensation.  And now I can see why….

These are all four of my boys.  Kinda-sorta around the same age.

Yup.  I had quadruplets.  Each 2 years apart 🙂





  1. My goodness! You’re right! They look like the same baby. All adorable too!

  2. I had 4 boys all about 2 years apart too, and I feel exactly the same! Put their early pictures side by side and they are almost identical!

  3. Ooh! I wanna guess! I wanna guess!! Okay….starting from top left going clockwise:

    1. Hudson
    2. Noah
    3. Sawyer
    4. Brody

    What do I win Bob?!?!

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