Reasons We Homeschool

I’ve met many homeschooling families in the past year or so that knew from the get go they were going to homeschool.  Some were homeschooled themselves, some were not.  Others had a bad experience with public or private schools and pulled their kiddos out.  We’ve got a mixed bag of reasons–and some days I feel confidant with this list, other days, I’m a little (no, a lot) paranoid about turning my kids into adults that hate their parents because they didn’t have a ‘normal’ life–whatever that means nowadays.

1.  This may be harsh, but it’s true.  I was a teacher for several years before staying at home.  I taught in districts ranging from ‘low socio-economic free lunch’ to ‘the good side of town’.  And guess what?  Bad teachers are EVERYWHERE.  The good schools, the bad schools, the private schools.  I know many out there will say that our kids need to get accustomed to dealing with different teaching styles and even experiencing a bad teacher–and I agree.  However, I’m way too anal to survive a year of the ‘bad teacher’ and being ‘that parent’ who’s in the principal’s office.

2.  We want our kids to be loved.  Everyday.  Every subject.  I want them to know how proud we are every step of the way.  If they were in a classroom with 20 other children I know that so many details of their progress would be overlooked.  From making the tail on his ‘a’ better to saying please and thank you. I want to kiss them when they ace a new spelling word and pray to the Lord with them when they are feeling anxious.  Mostly, I want to do my best to enjoy their every moment of these fleeting years, because they’ll be gone in no time.

3.  Siblinghood.  Is that a word?  I dunno.  I have a really strong desire for my kids to love and appreciate each other.  Cheer each other on and critique one another’s English essay.  The M.O.T.H. and I feel that homeschooling will give them the best opportunity for that.  They may grow up and loathe each other–but at least we gave it a fighting chance.

4.  Relocation Roulette.  We recently were relocated for the M.O.T.H.’s job for the first time about 9 months ago.  We moved away from our home town where all our family and friends are.  It’s likely we won’t get back there for some time and we don’t want to pull the kids in and out of schools.

5.  Faith.  We’re Christians.  We love Jesus and are trying to love him more each day.  We want our children to have a passion for our faith and be able to incorporate it into their daily lives and lessons.  I hope their World View is one that is challenged while learning about other cultures and faiths along the way, while spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through our words and actions.

6.  I felt a calling.  Ugh.  That sounds so Hallmark card.  A CALLING.  A calling is how God speaks to me.  In this case, he wouldn’t let the homeschool horse die.  I closed the door on homeschooling too many times to count.  I stuck my foot in the mud and toured private schools we couldn’t afford.  We moved into a neighborhood with a ‘good’ school (which doesn’t really matter..see #1).  He even attended preschool like ‘normal’.  The ONLY one that liked it was ME.  Day after day, decision after decision, homeschooling came calling.  Now that we’ve started, we haven’t looked back.

That’s our list.  I’m sure there’s a million other little reasons as well.  Do you have a list?  Or are you so sure you don’t need one?  I do….I need lists…I am hesitant after all!


  1. So glad to hear that I am not the only paranoid homeschool mom, and I have been doing this since my daughter who was in 1st grade when we started and is now in 11th and headed into 12th. :0) I was scared more times than I can count. Scared of the end result, scared I wasn’t doing enough, scared of the local school system or gov’t authorities thinking I wasn’t doing enough. Scared I was doing something wrong or teaching not enough to get them through life. I can tell you, that fighting through my insecurities, and overcoming criticism wasn’t easy, but it has been well worth it! My 16 (almost 17) year old daughter is so well rounded and not the cookie cutter girl most teen girls are. She has her own ideas and personality, doesn’t try to copy others and has real heroes, not just super-celebs! The work and taking a stance has been well worth it, especially after I overcame the first year ideas of needing to produce a genius child because were homeschooling! LOL

  2. I am getting all the reasons. I was home schooled up through high school, so I know what it’s like. What is difficult for me to surrender is that I am NOT a teacher by any stretch of the imagination. My patience levels are zilch and I’m terrified my three year old will be damaged MORE by my attitude and reactions. I know this sounds like a cop out. I’m really actually discouraged at the moment. Our daughter is going to preschool at our church this year. I just keep getting the feeling that home schooling is NOT a closed subject with God.

    I’m a writer, so there’s a selfishness in this whole thing. I know that. I just remember growing up with a mother who’s impatience and anger got in the way of relationship a lot when I was in school.

    Plus, I have NO idea even where to start. How do I do the basic things like teach my daughter to read? To write? I read to her all the time. I’m overwhelmed by the idea that I might have to teach her to read, write, and perform mathematical equations. I need SOMETHING to at least get me started. I figured if she already knew how to read, I would be less stressed about the whole process.

    • Elizabeth says:

      AWW! Sarah! I know that emotion too well! Reading to her is best for now. Once she starts Kinder, buy a good all in one curriculum that takes the guess work out! We use Sonlight. I’ve heard good things about My Father’s World, Five in a Row, and Abeka too. If you decide not to homeschool, hey…SOO NOT the end of the world! You’ll decide to do what’s best! Thanks for stopping by!!!!

  3. The more blogs I come across the more I feel pulled toward the feeling God is sharing with me about homeschooling. I too am a school teacher and am considering starting in the fall. I love all the support and blogs out there regarding homeschooling. I grew up with the stereotype of “they were home schooled”. For sure times are different and I can not wait to start this endeavor with my family. Thanks for sharing all your stories. One more thing….I want to know how all the moms find time to blog…such inspirations.

  4. Hello Elizabeth. This is my 3rd year homeschooling. I have a highschooler who attends school, but I homeschool my youngest child. I was also a former public school teacher. I like the fact that I can either speed up or slow down on a skill, especially when it comes to math. I know that my child would not get as much attention in that area as she does at home. It is tiring, but well worth it. Found you Bloggy Moms. When you get a free moment, stop by at I have a kind of How-To blog.

    • Awesome Sharon!!! I’m so glad you found me! I love homeschooling for those reasons as well 🙂 I’ll def. head over and check out your blog! I’d appreciate if you’d follow me on Facebook as well 🙂

  5. We are going to begin homeschooling this next year. This past year my twins went to public school, one had a great teacher the other nope…no matter what I did nothing helped up there. I am letting them finish out the year mainly due to the friendships. The sad part is it was only their kindergarten year….which in a way could be a bonus, since they are still young. I also have a 3 yr. old. There are a few other reasons I chose to homeschool.
    1. one on one attention is so much better than being in a class of 20 or more.
    2. I can include biblical education
    3. I don’t have to worry about them picking up bad habits from other students.
    4. we can learn at their paces.
    5. I get to witness them learn each new thing 🙂

  6. Allison W says:

    I love hearing all your reasons to homeschool! Our daughter is 8 months old… so maybe it’s a little early to be thinking about this, but for some reason, I have felt “called” to homeschool her for the past few months. For some reason, I just feel like it’s meant to be. I’m a teacher myself, and have just quit my job and will be staying at home full time within a month. I don’t like what has been going on in education with all the standardized test prep, focus on test scores over creativity or any other far more important factors, etc.

    Here’s my caveat though… my husband is a teacher as well and is 100% opposed to the idea. I know it’s early. And if I just have faith then God will help us on this journey to see eye to eye if it’s really meant to be. I don’t think I would have very much support from my family either. My dad is a superintendent and my family is very pro-public education. I told my sister that I was considering it and she told me that my daughter would grow up to resent me and that it was a terrible idea. My question is: do you have any advice or wisdom to share when trying to convince a spouse or family member that homeschooling is right for you? Thank you! 🙂

    • Oh golly. I don’t know if you can convince people. I still have many family members that prob. think we’re nuts. I think with time and prayer…you just know! SOOO many things will change as your little one grows over the next 5 years and you could end up super excited about public education. I’ll be praying for you 🙂

  7. I love your site! i just found you and have been reading your blog all morning! We are about to start our first year of homeschooling too and I just about died when I read your post about curriculum, I did the exact same thing! Anyway, I am really looking forward to following your blog.

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