Rough Around the Edges Mommy: NOOOOWWWWW I get it , God….

The more kids you have, the longer you homeschool, the more you’re FORCED to be with each other….the greater the need for God’s grace, peace, and joy in your life.

trying to be a tender mother

If you do not focus on these things everyday….they’ll be yelling, frustration, and many moments in the day when you think…”I just need a break!!!!!!!!!!”

How do I know this?  Well, it’s been about 6 months since I wrote my first two posts regarding my rough around the edged-ness.  I feel like I can’t write about it too often–these changes are slow.  Ya know what I mean?

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I will say I have seen a big difference in myself in the last 6 months in my mothering.  I verified this with my husband to ensure I’m not being a hypocrite.

Do I still yell?  Oh gosh yes.  Still frustrated on an hourly basis?  You bet.  Feel the love of Jesus and the joy of motherhood in every moment?  Heck no!!!

However, baby steps.  Here are three things I feel have helped me become a bit more tender and not so ‘rough’ when it comes to mothering my boys.

1.  Get in His word daily.  Reminding myself God loves ME is a good way to remember to ‘pay it forward’ to your kids.  I do not do it everyday.  Shame on me, I know…but that’s the truth!

2.  Stop, drop, and talk.  When they’re about to drive you crazy and you’re barking commands left and right, stop what you’re doing, kneel next to them, and talk slowly and gently.  “How can I help you, son?”  “Mommy is very frustrated, I’m sorry.  Can you help me with this?”  “Should we pray together?  Would that help your attitude?” Sounds a tad cheesy, but it works!

3.  Stick to your guns on certain issues.  At first, I think I got too ‘soft’ and gentle and some of my home management and kid’s responsibilities went out the window.  I still shout and yell when it comes to chores and ‘why is there a box of gold fish spilled in the toilet’ moments.  However, I have realized that finding a balance helps everyone.  The boys respect me because I show them more love when they need it, and in turn, they are MUCH MORE RECEPTIVE to my shouting because they don’t want to hurt their more tender, grace-giving mother.  Make sense?

I’m still on this journey.  I hope I don’t have a relapse.  I pray the love of Christ shines through me onto my children.  However, know this–it takes time.  It takes years of mothering.  And we’re still in the very young trenches of it.

Hang in there rough-edged mommy, let’s sand together 🙂

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