Simple New Potatoes

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This recipe is so simple and so easy.  My mom and all my aunts were FAMOUS for these potatoes.  Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving were not complete without them.  My Dad prides himself on his ‘new potato’ crop every spring.

I bought mine at the grocery store since I’m too far from home and it isn’t harvesting time.  My boys love them and it’s a perfect addition to any meal!

Down Home New Potatoes:

  • New potatoes.  I buy a small bag at our grocery store.  They should be SMALL (like ping pong ball size) with red skin.
  • Green onion
  • Butter
  • Salt to taste

Boil the potatoes in water until tender to the fork.  While those are cooking, sautee a full stick of butter (or adjust amount depending on how many potatoes you’re cooking.  You can’t mess it up…) with 4-6 finely sliced green onions.  You’ll want to use the green and white sections.

Allow the white onion to grow translucent and your butter to get a bit foamy.

Drain potatoes and immediately pour on butter and onion mixture.  Salt to taste.

Viola!  Easy, simple, delicious!

Enjoy a bit of my down home, y’all!


  1. These look great and simple!! Definitely will be making these tomorrow with my meat loaf recipe :). Yummy! Thanks!

  2. I love sweet and simple recipes. Thanks for sharing! Just stopping by to welcome you to the Social Fabric Community!


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