Spontaneous Play and Scrapping Schoolwork

Every now and then, my boys get the ‘let’s play together nicely for hours on end without a snack or argument in sight’ bug.  Yesterday was one of those days.  Since deciding to homeschool, I try to remain pretty serious about guarding our mornings and instilling the importance of a schedule and ‘school time’ in my boys.  I’m an anal, play by the book type ‘a gal like that.  No phone calls.  No errands.  No appointments.  I think it’s because I know me, and if we don’t get it done before noon…It ain’t gonna happen.  Period.

However, some days…..and let me emphasize some…my boys spontaneously get into pretend mode.  It’s almost as if they have left the planet and are so engulfed in their imaginations, it would take a cold shower to interrupt them.  Do you remember that as a child?  I do.  It’s like….magic.

These magical days, I know, are numbered.  And so, although I want to ring the school bell and call them all in…I’ve learned to step back and take off my OCD jacket.  Just. Let. Them. Play.  If anything, they are learning much more imagining, building, and talking to each other than anything I could feed them.

These days and moments bring me peace.  And joy.  And the resolve to continue on our homeschool journey.  This teacher isn’t going to call them in on a sunny day to finish copying the letter a, when they could be doing this………


  1. When I was a kid, I wasn’t lucky enough to homeschool but there were days that my mom let my brother and I stay home from public school just because. Usually it was really bad rainy days and we’d have an all day board game marathon with no fights and mom bringing us grilled cheese sandwiches and she’d bake homemade bread or muffins filling the house with wonderful smells. I treasure the memories of those days and this post made me think of it and reminded me that having these kind of days where we just take a break and let the kids connect with each other and me are ok. 🙂

  2. Amen! I love reading posts where parents understand the value of play.

    We are new to homeschooling and one reason we chose to homeschool is that our children will have more opportunity for free play. And we are a little different bc we schedule a bock of outdoor play in the morning before the bulk of our formal learning time. My kids are really hyper and I think this helps them focus better on work.

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