The speech therapy incident and the Boo Boo Box

A couple weeks ago we were on our way to speech therapy for my second son, Brody.  Here’s an important detail–they could only fit us in at 8am.  Another important detail….this housewife don’t do nothin’ good before 8:00.  And one more tid bit–we have to leave the casa by 7:15 am to get second child to his therapy.  That’s it for the nitty gritty details of this story.

So, as on every Wednesday (and ONLY on Wednesdays) my children slept late.  As did this housewife.  Then, my internal “you’re butt’s runnin’ late’ clock kicked in at about 6:55 and I LEAPED out of bed.  The Man of the House was out of town this particular morning.  He’s the early riser.  He gets the worm.  He also gets me out of bed 9 times out of 10.  I depend on him.  When he’s gone on business, we run late.

Thus ensues the chaotic getting dressed, brushing teeth, diaper changing, breakfast in a baggie craziness of my Wednesday mornings.  All the while, I’m thinking, “How DO public school families do this?!”. I hear those public school families answer in my head:  “uh….get out of bed earlier you lazy housewife!”  Moving on….

We all get in the car, and like on EVERY Wednesday, we hit every. single. red. light.  So, we are especially late.

I park in front of the large office building for speech and am harping on the boys to ‘hurry, ‘hurry’ as we approach the large glass entrance doors.  I swing open the door to give it enough UMPH so that I can nudge the stroller in (you know this level of umph, right moms?  The stroller arm umph?) and BAM.  The door stops, a child is down.  A scream-fest ensues.

The edge of the door has hit him smack in the face.  Busting his lip, right before SPEECH, no less.  People are staring.  My kid is bleeding.   It was bad.  What’s worse, I had no band-aids on hand, no paper towels to clean up his bloody lip.  I’m a super mom like that.

Now, I snapped a pic when we got home that day once he was at full blown swollen potential.  When you see this picture, you’re gonna wanna laugh.  Don’t laugh y’all.  You’re gonna wanna go ‘awwwwwwwwwwwwwww’.  It’s a pitiful picture that way:


Poor baby.  He’s such a trooper.  He followed through with speech anyway.  He said (with that big ‘ol busted lip, “Momma, I un’t to go tu spich. Ith dothin’t urt thath ba.”

Now on to the Boo Boo Box.  This day made me realize I needed to keep some band-aids and other first aid stuff handy at all times.  I came up with a Boo Boo Box to throw into my purse.  Here’s how I whipped it up:

Grab a plastic container with a lid, some Mod Podge, and a first aid kit.

Remove label from your plastic container, remove band-aids from their package.

Paint a coat of Mod Podge over the container, then place band-aid WRAPPERS all over containter, follow up with another coat of Mod Podge.

I added a some cute clip art. Although, I shoulda used a Transformer or bloody dagger or somethin’. My boys aren’t going to be impressed ;)


I put alcohol pads, bandaids (out of wrap…speaking of…why DO they have those gosh-forsaken wrappers on band-aids that are impossible to get open when you’re INJURED? Anyhoo, and some kleenex…

Throw some candies in there too. Just cuz that helps with boo boos.

Voila! A Boo Boo Jar! Let the injuries begin!!! (No, not really ;)


Now, folks, the key now is to ACTUALLY PUT THIS JAR INTO YOUR DIAPER BAG OR PURSE.  A detail I tend to forget when attempting to plan ahead :/



  1. What a great idea! Every good mother should make a “boo-boo” jar for their kids. Even the parents may find they need it sometime as well.

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