Thirty-One Back to School Organizing Giveaway (3 Winners!)

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This is my friend Nicole.  We’ve never met in real life.  We met on a day that was a total ‘God moment’ for me.  Ever have those?

thirty one bags consultant

I had been blogging for just a few months and I was discouraged.  I thought I’d write my first post and I’d automatically turn into The Pioneer Woman!  Ha.  I had no clue how much work blogging was.  However, on this particular day, I got an email.  I NEVER got emails at this point.  It was from Nicole.  She lived in California, she said, and had 3 boys–which is what I had at the time.  She wrote out her life’s story and how much we were alike.  How she’d be venturing into homeschooling.  She was scared.  Yet, when she read my blog, she felt less alone.

At that moment, I knew I could care less about being Ree Drummond.  If I could touch a life and encourage a friend, even if it was only ever Nicole, I’d keep blogging.  I remember calling my BFF Aimee and crying on the phone about this email I had gotten from a reader.  I was SO EXCITED.

We’ve stayed in touch via Facebook ever since.  Lifelong friends for sure.  Homeschooling moms ‘get’ each other like that.  Boys moms do too.

Anyway, Nicole is a Thrity-One bags consultant and we wanted to bless some awesome kick-butt moms out there who are getting back in the groove of school days.  Whether you homeschool or not, these bags are so awesome.

Here’s how I have been using these three products in our home.


I use my Fold and File to organize my iPads and create a charging spot for them.


The charger cords are plugged in every night.


I keep stickers paper clipped on the side of the file to award extra iPad time to the boys when we feel the need.


The Hang Up Home Organizer is great for organizing all my We Choose Virtues curriculum! I have a review and giveaway coming soon!


I am using my PINK Zip Top Utility Tote for our new little girl on the way.

We’ll have a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner for this giveaway.

The 1st place winner will get to choose their print for the following three items:

  • Zip Top Utility Tote ($35 value)
  • Fold N File ($25 value)
  • Hang Up Home Organizer ( $45)

1st place pin


Our 2nd Place Winner will receive (Prints already chosen):

  • Keep It Caddy in Island Damask print ($22 Value)
  • Round About Caddy in Black Spotty Dots print ($25 Value)

2nd place pin

Our 3rd Place Winner will receive (Prints already chosen):

  • Mini Zipper Pouch in Paradise Pop print ($12 Value)
  • Up Town Jewelry Bag in Sunny Strip print ($30 Value)

3rd place pin


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  1. This would be wonderful to win! I have struggled with beginning a CC community and this would be a great blessing to a hard and long summer!

  2. Kim Yencer says:

    Thank you so much for the give aways:)

  3. I would also like a Large Utility tote to carry all of my stuff!

  4. Amanda Beachum says:

    I liked the Vary You Backpack Bag. I need the space but I already have a lot of totes so that would be a nice go-between. 🙂

  5. Michelle Gockley says:

    I have one large utility tote and would love to have another.

  6. Tiffany Bleger says:

    Oh I love 31! Would love to incorporate it into my homeschool!

  7. Tiffany Bleger says:

    I would love another zip top utility tote to haul around our schoolwork on the “out and about” days.

  8. Berea Padilla says:

    It would be so fun to win! I’d buy a thermal! So fun! Love the different thermal patterns!

  9. christina says:

    Large utility tote is by far the coolest bag!!!! From laundry bag, beach bag, grocery bag, toy bag,…… ah! Love it!

  10. Allanah St.Louis says:

    I have been searching for a quality file organizer for our homechool all summer! I would buy my girls matching olue birdie oackpacks from your site, and a few organizers for myself. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  11. I love Thirty-one! Hope I win!

  12. Super organizing Tote!

  13. I am seriously in love with bags, and always have been. I have a thirty one utility tote that I use for everything from swimming lessons for the girls, to picnics in the park. I would love another utility tote for the car, as it would be perfect for long car rides, and days when homeschooling is shared with errands and appointments.

  14. I’ve admired the Thirty One bags for a while now, but haven’t been able to get any yet. I’d really like the Picnic Thermal Tote. It’d be great for packing lunch for me and the boys on our field trip and co-op days!

  15. cassie webster says:

    I love the Grey Parisian lane utility tote. It would come in real handy with my 2 dance girls or or homeschool supplies!

  16. Rebecca r says:

    I would love any of them. My good friend was kind enough to introduce me to thirty one and I love their durable projects:)

  17. Kimberly Vogel says:

    I just bought my first thirtyone bag and LOVE it. I could really use a cute thermal bag or a bag for some of my many knitting projects!

  18. Would love any of these to help me get organized!

  19. Sorry – I didn’t specify – I love the Easy Breezy Tote or the Retro Metro Fold Over.

  20. I love 31 bags! The large utility bags are my favorite. I have several. I finally wore out 2 of the large zip top coolers.

  21. Melissa Fox says:

    I would get the double thermal container for casserole dishes

  22. Jessica Ferdon says:

    I can’t decide on which one. They all look great!

  23. Jessica Martin says:

    Large utility tote!

  24. I adore Thirty – one and am have just begun homeschooling my children. I am in serious need of organization and storage solutions.

  25. My favorite item is the Super organizing zip top tote.

  26. Tasha Meyers says:

    Would love to get more organized!

  27. I would love some of the cubes to fill in my new desk my hubby built for me.

  28. I love the picnic thermal tote!!!! I’m so excited about this giveaway!

  29. Pick me! Pick me! 🙂 Love the Fold n File!

  30. Winning this would make my day!

  31. I want the 2nd place prizes! =) I could use the caddy for school stuff. I love the zip-top utility tote and the cube organizers. I love most 31 stuff. =)

  32. The large utility tote with zip top would be great for managing school when we’re out of the house. I also am on the search for a better purse for myself.

  33. Lacey Burd says:

    I absolutely love the flip top organizing bin! It would be perfect for my daughter while we’re out n about in the car. But I can think of a few other uses, too. Thanks 🙂

  34. I just loved reading about how Nicole and you met, how encouraging! Thank you for sharing and for the giveaway! 🙂

  35. this would be perfect!

  36. I would purchase a large utility tote with zip top.

  37. With 4 girls, 6 and younger, I need all the homeschooling organization help I can get!! 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway! Love their products!

  38. My little one has been asking for a lunch box so I would choose the “Coral Mod Dot” lunch box. So so cute! 🙂

  39. Kimberly Jones says:

    I would love the large utility tote! Perfect for taking my children to their activities.

  40. I’ve always wanted to try Thirty-One products. The organizing utility tote looks great.

  41. I really love the Flip-Top Organizing Bin in the black cross pop design. This would be quite handy in our homeschool.

  42. I have been eyeing on of the Zip Top Utility Totes. It would be perfect for our frequent trips to the library.

  43. April white says:

    Would love to win! Any organizing tool helps a homeschooling family out and being cute on top of it isn’t bad! Good luck!

  44. Melissa C says:

    I would love the Fresh Market Thermal!

  45. I need a thermal container for carrying dishes. I would love another large utility tote with a lid!!

  46. Cindy Tote in Denim.

  47. So many cute things! I’d like the lunch break thermal bag in parisian pop!

  48. The large utility tote would be great to have.

  49. I would love the large utility tote! 🙂

  50. I would love the market thermal. If folds down flat, so it’s easy to store in the van.

  51. I would love to have those tote:)

  52. Kimberly R says:

    I like the Your Way Rectangle Basket. I have a ton of magazines and catalogs and no where to store them.

  53. Jessica Christensen says:

    I always love a good bag and way to organize. =)

  54. Rebecca Rector says:

    I would love the large utility tote!

  55. I’m just setting up my homeschool room for the year & new organizers are always inspiring! I love Thirty-one Bags! I’ve been eyeing the Fold and File for a while, but I can imagine great uses for most all the bags listed! Thanks for such a great give-away!!

  56. Heather Colton says:

    I really like the Deluxe Utility Tote 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  57. I love the organizing totes!

  58. I love 31 so much. To the point where my hub y says hpw any bags do you really need? You can never have enough right? It is hard to pick a ffavorite but I do need a bag to be my gym bag 😉

  59. Those are awessome bags and u would love to have them someday:)

  60. Tabetha Bauerlein says:

    I love thirty one products

  61. I can so relate to not realizing how much work blogging was until I got into it! I thought I’d be like one of the big adoption bloggers, lol. Hasn’t happened yet!

    I use 31 bags in my homeschool, too. I have all our art curriculum supplies in one of the organizing totes, and it’s perfect. I also have educational dvds in one of the little keep it caddies. My 31 file box gets used for review information. 🙂 I love the prizes you’re offering, and if I had to pick something new to order, it would probably be a lid for one of my big totes.

  62. Lindsey Woolard says:

    The organizing shoulder bag is pretty sweet. But I also love all of the utility totes!

  63. Michelle J. says:

    I’d get a thermal tote in Daisy Craze!

  64. I love the Cindy Tote and the Zip Top Organizing Utility Tote!


  65. I’ve never heard of the company but any of them would be great.

  66. Elizabeth cannoy says:

    Would love the big one.. Absoultely beAutiful!

  67. Love 31!! And have been eyeballing one of those Hangy organizing thingies 🙂

  68. LOVE the fold and file!! I have several I use to keep myself organized and I would like to get a few more to help keep our school room organized!

  69. Love ya super mom!!

  70. Amy Marshall says:

    I would love to add a few of the Your Way Rectangle in Citrus Medallion to our school cupboard and the Flip Top Organizing Bin for long road trips. Thanks for the giveaway!

  71. I am a Designer with Origami Owl, and my next purchase from Thirty One is going to bthe deluxe utility tote! I am running out of room in my regular utility tote!! 🙂

  72. The flip top organizing bin for the car looks cool! My kids junk is always getting loose in the car.

  73. I would love to buy the utility tote and flip top organizer =)

  74. I would pick the Retro metro fold over in coral mod dot!

  75. How fun! I could use some organizational aids! 🙂

  76. I love the Inside-out bag in the Paradise Pop print! <3 Thirty One!

  77. Rebecca C says:

    I like the lunch break thermal.

  78. I would love to win!!

  79. the super organizing tote

  80. I really like the Retro Metro Bag!

  81. rachel jenkins says:

    utility tote 😀

  82. Today I’m in the midst of an organizing nightmare, getting everything ready for our new school year, so I would be purchasing cubes and/or file boxes!! Thanks, what a fun giveaway!

  83. kelly mcgrew says:

    my favorite item from the store is the everyday wristlet.

  84. Amanda Odair says:

    I would love the Keep it caddy for sure! It would be perfect for my next scrapbook party!

  85. What great ideas! I always see these bags and can never think of how I can make them work to SAVE me space instead of take up more space, these are some ideas I can work with!

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