Silly Thanksgiving Poem

I used to create these turkey place mats with this silly Thanksgiving poem back when I was a public school teacher.  They are cute, personalized, and funny!  Some years, when I have the strength, time, and sanity, we make them for all our family members that will be at Thanksgiving dinner!  Often we really go all out and create ‘sides’ and put our turkey on a plate.  This year, was not that year!  LOL!  Download the poem to print by clicking HERE.

I'mgladI'mnotaturkey poem

My son Brody is the cutest little turkey!  I just wanna eat him!  To be honest, coloring those turkeys was like pulling teeth with these boys.  They are not artsy craftsy.  But you know what?  These place mats are TRADITION and sometimes life is hard, and you gotta color anyway!

Silly Thanksgiving Poem


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