Video of Creative Writing Session with my 7 Year Old

I know we all teach writing differently.  At this age, especially for boys, their skills are all over the map.  We use Sonlight and it’s a very Charlotte Mason style approach.  This is a video of  a creative writing prompt in our 2nd grade language arts guide and this is how I walk through it with my son.  The other boys are napping or playing in another room.  I can scream chapter books over chaos, but when it comes to writing time, I like to do one on one and really help my boys with each little step.  Writing is extremely important to me.  I don’t require them to write a ton, but I do require creative thinking and making it interesting and thorough.  Here are a few tips that you may like or hate, never the less….I’ve invited you to watch me homeschool, and this is how I do it. {Scroll down for tips and video, pin or share this image if you’d like.}

creative writing in our homeschool

  • Don’t be too picky on the first draft, just allow their ideas to flow.
  • Stopping them every two seconds over their ‘s’ or ‘b’ being backward is going to cause frustration, and take you like 3 hours.
  • Sit next to them as long as they need it.  This is a perk of homeschooling.  If you can teach them well early on, they will get creative writing on their own later on.
  • DO go back and correct errors after they are finished writing.
  • Ready their story back to them and see what they think or how they could make it more exciting.
  • Allow them to type it up on the computer once they are finished to extend the lesson and incorporate technology.
  • Do jump in and write a word or sentence or two is you see them getting frustrated (this would be for the very young)


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