Video Tour of Our Homeschool Classroom

I created a post back in August with lots of pictures of our homeschool room.  I’ve now shot a quick video tour of our homeschool classroom.  I’m happy to report that I haven’t rearranged it ONCE this year and probably won’t next year either!  The space has worked really well for us!

The open carpet area is often used for tackling.  For real.  Sigh.  I thought maybe they’d do puzzles or something, but it ain’t so.  {Sad face.}

I often get asked WHERE I got alot of my stuff, so here are all the links for you to enjoy!

World/U.S./Solar System Carpets:  I got those at a Sam’s Club, but here are similar ones on AmazonHere’s a U.S. Rug from Amazon.  Here’s a Continent Rug from Amazon.  Again, these aren’t exactly what I have, but they are similar and CUTE!.

I got the leather couch/futon at Garden Ridge Pottery.  It folds into a bed as well, so that’s great for guests!

The desk and chairs (large ones) came from IKEA.  The small desk and chairs in the closet were a garage sale find.

What about that metal thing on my wall?  That’s an oil pan!  You can get them at auto parts stores and even WAL-MART!  I stick mine on the wall with Command Strips.  We use the pan for magnetic letter time.

Let me know if y’all have any questions!



  1. Love it! Beautiful classroom and so organized! And I just adore your reading area!!

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